Amma spoils Bunty-Sagarika’s honeymoon irking Sagarika in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Amma comes to the hotel to see Bunty as she thinks he is ill. She gets shocked to see Sagarika in western outfit. Just then Bunty comes there after getting drunk. He professes her love for Sagarika. Amma smells alcohol from his mouth and asks him to wash his face. Once he goes in, she locks the door from outside and asks Sagarika what is she doing? She blames Sagarika for Bunty not calling her even once in a day and also accuses her for luring Bunty and breaking his promise made to her. She continues that your marriage happened against my will. Bunty had promised me that until you mingle in our family and I accept you as my bahu, he will not consummate marriage. Sagarika is shocked.

Bunty comes out of washroom and tells Amma that Sagarika was looking beautiful in the whole party and he was lured by her beauty. Amma is shocked to hear that. Pappu and Rani talk about Bunty and Sagarika. Amma sleeps next to Bunty, while Sagarika watches silently. She thinks Bunty did not do right by telling her lie and betrayed her. In the morning Sagarika packs her bags and tells Bunty that she is angry with his lie. She asks why did he marry her and walks out crying. Bunty follows her and apologizes for his mistake.

Sagarika comes from Mumbai and goes to her father’s house. Amma asks Bunty to come with her. Bunty fees very bad and is unable to speak to Sagarika. Daadi asks amma why did she go to Mumbai hurriedly and brought everyone. Ratna asks Bunty about Sagarika. He says she went to her dad’s house. Amma asks her to make tea instead of questioning her. Sagarika reaches her dad’s home and meets her dad and aunt. Chattopadhyay gets worried for Sagarika as she came without Bunty. She tells them that he will come soon.

Amma says Bunty and Sagarika were tired after their trip, so she brought them back. Satya understand her plan and thinks to separate them. Rani gets angry with Sagarika. Mishraji asks Amma why did she go to kid’s honeymoon and ruined their happiness. He accuses her for trying to ruin Bunty’s marriage and asks her to give them space. She says she was worried about Bunty. He warns her that either her and Bunty’s or Bunty and Sagarika’s relationship will break and says she will repent.

Sagarika’s aunt asks her if she fought with Bunty. Sagarika nods yes. Aunt asks her to adjust to them and handle the situation herself. Bunty gets sad and doesn’t eat. Swara opens the door and sees Sagarika. Amma gets irked. Bunty gets happy and says Sagarika that she did right by coming back. Bunty fills food in thali and goes to his room. Amma gets upset. Bunty asks her to have food. She seems to be still angry with him. He asks her to vent out her anger and not to trouble herself. He asks for a chance. She picks her pillow and bedsheet and says until amma accepts her as her bahu, she will not sleep in their bedroom. He asks her to sleep inside the room, but she refuses.

Bunty sits next to Sagarika and says he will not go until she comes. Amma comes to their room and hears their talk. Sagarika asks he is not worried about her, but worried about Amma. Sagarika goes to her room. Amma gives him milk and leaves.Bunty thanks Sagarika and goes to sleep outside. Lakshmi tells Mishraji that Sagarika is not a right girl for Bunty. He asks her to sleep and let him sleep peacefully. Lakshmi comes out of her room and sees Bunty missing. She comes to Sagarika and accuses her for sending him out to wander. Sagarika says if you really cared about Bunty, you would have accepted me as bahu. Amma says she did not force him and he himself took oath.

Sagarika says Bunty is her husband and she will not keep quiet if someone interferes between them. She says she loves Bunty and she has same right as she has on Bunty. Amma asks what right she is talking about? She says she kept him for 9 months in her womb. Sagarika challenges her that she will get her husband’s love at any cost.

In the morning, Bunty says Sagarika that he will speak to Amma and take back his oath. Amma does puja and is forced to give prasad to Sagarika. Bunty goes to Amma and tells her that he did a mistake to make a promise of not getting close to Sagarika and that he can no longer fulfill his promise. Amma changes the topic and leaves. Bunty tells Sagarika that Amma will soon agree. Sagarika thinks Bunty is so innocent. He cannot understand Amma’s plan. She is afraid that she will lose her son. Rani informs Satya that Bunty and Sagarika have not consummated their marriage till now.Satya manipulates her against Sagarika.

Sagarika replies to Phubali’s message and aunt reads it. She misunderstands it and rushes to Sagarika’s house. Mishraji tells Sagarika that she has this hidden talent and she should not tolerate injustice and tell people that they are wrong. Aunt comes running and asks Sagarika if she is alright and if amma did not burn her much. Amma asks why is she shouting. Sagarika takes aunt to her room. Satya provokes Amma. Sagarika tells aunt that amma has not accepted her yet. Aunt says how can she tolerate amma’s interference in her married life. Sagarika says she will soon accept her. Satya tells Amma that Sagarika will file dowry case against her. Amma gets tensed. Aunty says she will clear the issue right now. Keep reading.