Chandra Nandini: Chandra and Nandini get attacked during their Sangeet ceremony!

Helena will show her true colors.

We have seen the drama build up with Chandra’s haldi being poisoned during the Haldi ceremony in Chandra Nandini on Star Plus and the plotting will only double up as the ceremonies progress towards the matrimony.

Chandra Nandini will now host the Sangeet ceremony where Durdhara and Helena will reach the function and gift Nandini clothes. Helena will spill some beans about her personality elaborating that if she likes something, she will definitely keep it all by herself and if she does not get what she desires from that person, she will steal all that the person has!

Durdhara, on the other hand, will have a friendly approach towards her and will tell her that it looks like they will share a great rapport since they belong to the same ‘dharna’.

Now as soon as the Sangeet ceremony commences, Chandra’s enemy will break in a war in the palace.

Who is behind this nasty plan? Only time will tell!

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