Dhruv surprises Saanchi, Ankita determines to take revenge in Sony’s Jee Le Zara

In Jee Le Zara, Dhruv and Saanchi get married after overcoming so many hurdles come their way. Saanchi is adjusting herself to her inlaws’ home. She is making every possible effort to win their love. Dhruv suggests Saanchi to take care of her farm work as it is her responsibility. He asks her to go to Panchgani early in the morning and come back to Mumbai in the evening. Saanchi takes Neena and Yash’s permission. Neena is hesitant but agrees. Yash tells Neena that Dhruv’s marriage will break after 6 months and asks her to mark the date. Neena is shocked with Yash’s prediction. She tells him that Saanchi will become Dhruv’s guide.

This week, Saanchi goes to Panchgani leaving behind the notes for Dhruv. He gets happy reading that one by one. He calls Saanchi and talks romantically. They plan to go to Ankita’s party in the night. Saanchi comes back to Panchgani and takes care of her office work. Dhruv awaits for Saanchi. Ankita comes back and asks Dhruv to come along with her. She calls Saanchi and takes her permission to take Dhruv with him. Dhruv doesn’t want to go alone without Saanchi but was dragged by Ankita.

At the party, Ankita makes a plan to keep Saanchi away from Dhruv. Saanchi comes home and gets ready for the Party. Suparna comes and asks her to get ready well. She does her loud make up. Saanchi doesn’t like it. She reaches the party venue and wipes the extra make up. Security refuses to give her entry as her name was not written in the guest list. Saanchi calls Dhruv but he is busy dancing with Ankita and friends. Saanchi waits for him and then comes back home in an auto. She feels bad.

Anway reminds Dhruv of the important meeting. Dhruv says, I will reach there. He wonders why Saanchi didn’t leave any note and calls her. Saanchi sounds upset. She tells him that she was not allowed to enter by the security at Ankita’s party. Dhruv feels bad and scolds Ankita. He thinks to surprise Saanchi and goes to Panchgani.

Pradeep asks 20 lakhs rupees from Saanchi. Saanchi says, I don’t have that much money. I can offer you small help. Pradeep gets angry and asks her to take money from Dhruv. Saanchi refuses. Pradeep yells at her for his bankruptcy.

Dhruv reaches Panchgani and surprises Saanchi. He forgets about the meeting and goes on an outing with her. Yash and Anway get angry on him. They come home and are scolded by Yash. Yash tells Saanchi that being elder than DV, she should be more responsible but she acts like a teenager. Saanchi is hurt. She makes DV understand the importance of work and respect. Dhruv agrees to take up the work seriously for her.

Dhruv gets ready in the morning. Saanchi decides to wait for him and be at home. Anway tries to discourage DV but Neena supports Dhruv and says behind every successful woman there is a woman and that woman in Dhruv’s life is Saanchi. Suparna takes Saanchi to the charity function. Dhruv asks Yash not to sign on the deal because of the two clauses in the contract. Yash gets impressed with him and handover the project. He messages Saanchi about it. Saanchi gets happy.

Suparna is greeted by Neena’s friends at the charity function. All the ladies or say gossip queens was talking boring stuff. Saanchi sees a girl getting scared and rushes to her. Later she befriends her and plays with the orphanage kids. Saanchi acts herself and removes her jewellery and slippers. Suparna is shocked and taunts Saanchi. She tells her that she has to keep in mind about their inlaw’s respect. Suparna fills Dhruv’s ears against Saanchi. Dhruv pretends to get angry on her. He tells Saanchi that he is happy as his Saanchi didn’t change. Suparna is irked with Dhruv’s reaction.

Addu comes to Nani and tells her that he has topped in his school. They get happy. He calls Saanchi and gives the good news. Yash gives the London deal to Dhruv and it makes Suparna and Anway jealous. Dhruv calls Addu and invites him to Mumbai for Pilot training. Addu tells Nani, Nani says, it is not good if you stays at Saanchi’s inlaws’ home.

Some bank officials come and asks Pradeep to vacate the house and they will seized the house after 48 hours. Addu comes there and gives the sweets. Pradeep yells at him.

Dhruv and Saanchi make a plan to go on a long drive. Suparna tells Ankita about their planning. Ankita makes plan to stop them from going. She calls Saanchi and tells her that she is coming with their friends to see the soccer match. Saanchi decides to postpone the long drive plan. Ankita comes with her friends. Dhruv gets happy meeting with his friends. They ask about Saanchi. Dhruv praises Saanchi. Ankita gets jealous. Saanchi comes with Pakodas and Tikki. Ankita makes fun of her and says they will eat pizza and garlic bread. Saanchi feels bad.