Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Ek Nayi Pehchaan Watch Online is an Indian television drama series which premiered on Sony TV on December 23, 2013. The series stars Poonam Dhillon, Krystle D’Souza in the lead roles. The story talks on women empowerment and education through relationships.

The story begins with a well reputed family, Suresh Modi, the owner of a textile company named Sharda Textiles, is at a press conference explaining his brand to the media. On the same lines, at home Sharda is introduced as his wife, hence the name of his company Sharda Textiles. Sharda is illiterate and therefore a house wife. They have two sons and a daughter: Karan, Chirag and Latika. Karan, being eldest, is forcefully told by his father to get married with one of his colleagues’ daughter, but Karan is not interested. Sharda goes to Ahmadabad all alone by train, being illiterate, facing many problems and being helped by a girl named Sakshi.

They became good friends and she tells Sharda all about her life and even said that she is eloping and marrying her love Aditya. Sakshi also mentions her mother wanting her to marry the son of a good friend of hers, but Sakshi is has no intentions of doing an arranged marriage. Aditya calls and says he won’t be able to elope with her, leaving Sakshi devastated. Sharda encourages her to do the marriage proposed by her mom, Sakshi agrees to do so. The engagement date for Karan’s wedding came and he ran away but came back when he saw his mother’s tears. Sharda was shocked to find that Sakshi was her daughter-in-law. Sakshi told Sharda that she will refuse to get married to her other since she believes that Sharda deserves a better daughter-in-law, but Sharda declares her as her daughter-in-law. Therefore Sakshi became happy and promised to try her level best to be a good wife and a daughter-in-law. Whereas Karan is still not happy with happenings and planned that he will not run away from marriage for his mom but he will make the bride say that she doesn’t want to get married to him. For this, he even enters her room with a meat knife and tries to scare her.

Karan is not at all happy with the engagement. Sharda tries to unite them by telling them to sit in the fresh air outside and talk. Sakshi takes the initiative to start the talk, but all they end up in is a huge argument over dumb matters. On the wedding day, Karan tells Sakshi that they have a Kuldevini Mata, whom they worship whenever its a good occasion. Sakshi believes him and leaves along with him. But instead Karan takes her to a random village and takes her in a room. Innocently he says to her that she must be a little tired after a long journey, so she should wait here while he brings some water for her. He comes out, locks the room from out and leaves for home. When he reaches home, he sees his friend Rajvir Raghuvanshi along with his wife Nandini ( Mahamilan of shows Ekk Nayi Pehchaan and Desh Ki Beti Nandini.).

When they ask him where is Sakshi, he confesses the truth. Nandini explains him that wife is the one who always has the most trust on her husband and he did a wrong deed by tricking her. He understands the seriousness of the situation when all womenfolk of the house are searching for Sakshi frantically. He goes back to Sakshi. While Sakshi in the room is constantly calling Karan to help her out as there is a wire which is broken and has caught fire.When Karan comes back home he saw that his mother is blamed for absence of Sakshi. Then Karan feels bad and goes back to bring her back.He takes her back to the marriage venue and they get married .

After marriage Sakshi decides to tell the truth to Karan . Karan plans to act as he is disappointed with Sakshi, But eventually Sakshi discovers the truth. Sakshi leaves the house, And Karan leaves too, in a fit to look for Sakshi. When Karan finds Sakshi, they share a tight hug. Karan apologizes to Sakshi for hurting her feelings and tells her that he is ready to do anything that would please her. Though Sakshi initially refuses to listen but finally gets convinced when Karan says that some important guests are going to visit their home for dinner and it is not the right time for them to fight.