I am not someone who would jump on to every offer that comes my way- Krissann Baretto

MUMBAI: No stranger to the small screen Actress Krissann Barretto has made heads turn and delighted her fans ever since she’s entered the television industry. The gorgeous actress who has some great shows to her credit will soon be seen in an upcoming episode of &TV’s Laal Ishq which is an episodic series of romance and supernatural drama. Not the one to compromise on her roles, this young lady has always believed in the term, ‘quality over quantity’ when it comes to work. Even if that meant taking the high road to success, the actress likes to evaluate every opportunity that comes her way and gives it her best shot. To survive emotionally and professionally, you’ve got to both earn a living and nourish your self-esteem while doing noteworthy work that you get recognised for.

Talking about her stint with Laal Ishq and choosing quality novel roles Krissann said, “There are a plethora of roles available and while that is a good thing, I like to understand what comes to me and will go ahead with it if it fits the bill. I have done varied roles in the past and I am not someone who would jump on to every offer that comes my way just because it’s available. Every role that I take up should be pivotal to the narrative of the story and as an actor, I should feel that my character has multiple dimensions. Now when I assess material, I assess it from that standpoint. I was smart with my money, which enabled me to say no and maintain my integrity when choosing roles.”

Produced by Shaika productions, the story delves into the lives of Sunny (Karan Khandelwal) son of a famous action master who did something despicable in the past. The past comes back to haunt Sunny’s father (Kamaal Malik) through a heroine Tanya (Krissann Barretto) shooting on the same film with Sunny. The story highlights the revenge of the past with a supernatural element.

She further added, “This is my second show with &TV, and I’m excited to do Laal Ishq. I am playing the role of an actress in the upcoming episode – my character Tanya gets possessed by the soul of a girl who was raped and killed. This was not just challenging for me, but something that I haven’t explored before. I hope the audience likes the episode and my performance.”

It will be interesting to see Krissann Barretto in this role!

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