Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Watch online Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar is a Hindi-language soap opera on Indian television which premiered on Sony Entertainment Television India on November 18, 2014. The soap opera is created by Ekta Kapoor and is co-produced under her production company Balaji Telefilms.

In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Abhi marries Ria and brings her home. Rukmani welcomes her and asks her to kick the kalash and enter the house. Dev asks Rukmani to hug Ria as he takes the photo. Rukmani hugs Ria and whispers in her ears that she has not accepted her from her heart. Ria gets shocked and enters the house without kicking the kalash. Everyone get shocked. Ria tells everyone that she didn’t kick the kalash as she feels Rukmani has not accepted her and will do this ritual once her mother in law accepts and blesses her. Rukmani tells her that the day will not come. Later a photographer is called to take the newly couple wedding pics. Ria gives her suggestion to make the photo better. The photographer praises Ria’s suggestions and tells Kailash that you are lucky to have an intelligent bahu. Rukmani gets irked hearing that. Rukmani sends Ria to her room. Ria waits for Abhi in the room. Abhi comes and gifts their marriage photo to her. Ria gets happy. They celebrate their wedding night.

Meanwhile Rukmani empties the rice from the kalash and keeps it at God’s feet. Ria wakes up early in the morning and sings the bhajan which impresses everyone. Dadisaa gets happy and wonders why Rukmani didn’t turn up till now and asks Ria to do the aarti. Ria sees Rukmani coming and handovers the aarti thali. Rukmani does the aarti and thinks Ria is trying to impress the family. Rukmani tells her that whenever she feels that Ria has done a right thing, she will put a handful of rice in the kalash pot and when it gets full, she will conduct her Grah pravesh. Dadisaa asks her to put one handful of rice in the kalash. Rukmani complies.

Ria goes to the kitchen to have water and sees the cook cooking food in much oil. She decides to healthy food with less oil for Kailash. She serves the food to him. Kailash likes it and praises the food. Rukmani gets upset thinking that Ria did not wait till the kitchen puja was performed. Rukmani gets angry and scolds Ria and raises a question on her parents’ teachings. Ria gets shocked and cries. Abhi consoles her. Ria and Abhi spend some good time.

Riya tells Abhi that she is feeling very uncomfortable in the heavy sari and jewellery so she decides to change her saree and wear a suit for some time. Pinky comes in asking her to play carrom with them. Ria agrees. Rukmani comes there with a family friend. The lady taunts Rukmani as she sees Ria wearing suit. Rukmani makes Ria understand that she is the daughter in law of the house and not a daughter. She asks Ria to go to her room. Ria asks Abhi to seek some time from Rukmani to let her wear suit until she gets comfortable in it. Abhi agrees and asks her to stop crying.

Abhi talks to Rukmani and requests her to allow Ria to wear suits until she gets accustomed to. Rukmani gets angry and says she doesn’t wish to see Ria again in suit. Abhi thinks Ria will be upset so that’s why lies to him saying that Rukmani is okay with it. Ria gets happy. She agrees to do so for a month. Ria makes kheer as a part of kitchen ritual. Rukmani asks Sheetal to inform Ria that they like sweet kheer. Ria comes out of kitchen and stops Abhi. She says you are leaving me alone now also. Ria kisses Abhi on his cheeks and tells him bye. Pinky sees it. She tells to Sheetal. Sheetal follows Sarthak when he is about to leave.

Rukmani tells Dadisaa that one bahu is changing because of the other. Sheetal gets romantic. Sarthak kisses her on cheeks before leaving. Sheetal thinks they are reviving their marriage days. Ria tries to adjust in her new home, while Rukmani keeps finding faults with her. Rukmani takes objection to Ria calling Abhi by his name. She scolds Ria and insults her saying you are calling him as if he is a child. Ria goes to her room cryingly. Ria gets a call from the hospital urging her to resume her work at the hospital immediately. Ria gets shocked and informs Abhi. He promises to let her go any at cost and do something. Keep reading.

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