Mohanto asks Aditya to drop his surname Jagannath from his name, Aditya agrees and decides to leave the house, Sunaina asks Mohanto to stop Aditya from leaving in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Aditya tells Samaira that he is going to Casino to play cards and thinks she will stop him. Samaira doesn’t stop him making him suspicious. He asks her to check his credit card while he goes to the bathroom. Samaira takes photos of the cards and thinks to block it. Aditya leaves for the Casino. Samaira tells Neeraj that she will block his cards to make fun of him. Madhu gets dream that she got paralyzed. She gets shocked. She offers to help Neeraj and Samaira. Neeraj refuses her help and tells her about their trap for Aditya.


Madhu tells Neeraj that Aditya doesn’t gamble and may be testing Shikha. She asks him to help Samaira. Aditya loses in the gambling and thinks to leave. He goes to pay the amount, but the card gets rejected. He suspects Samaira is betraying him. Then he gives his last card, it gets accepted. He thinks he was doubting her unneccessarily. Aditya calls Samaira and asks her to get ready for a long drive. They go on a drive. Aditya is drunk while driving the car. A man comes under his car and gets injured. A crowd gathers there accusing Aditya. Samaira apologizes to them and asks Aditya to take the injured t the hospital. Neeraj administers injection to Madhu, while she pleads him not to inject her.


At the hospital, Inspector questions Aditya about the accident. Aditya asks him to bury the matter and gives him 20 Lakh rupees as a bribe. He tells him that he is Aditya Jagannath. Samaira thinks to target his name and status next. They come home. Mohanto scolds Aditya for ruining his family reputation. Aditya tells him that he took care of the situation. Mohanto reminds him that Madhu gave him the name. Aditya replies that he is working hard for the company and holding share in the wealth. Mohanto thinks to clear his misconceptions.


Samaira asks Aditya why he is using Jagannath surname as he is no longer Mohanto’s son in law. Mohanto joins the company as the MD and asks his employee to assign Aditya’s work to him. Aditya gets shocked. Mohanto gives him salary of Rs 2 Lakhs rupees. Aditya asks him is he joking. Mohanto asks him to earn money from hard work. Samaira asks Aditya to drop Jagannath’s name from his surname and to make his own status. Census people from govt come to take Mohanto’s family details. Mohanto tells them about Aditya’s name. Samaira introduces herself as Samaira seth.


Avinash is asked by his office to vacate the house provided by the office as they are hiring young talent. Sudha and Avinash get tensed. Samaira asks Aditya to make his own identity. Sudha and Avinash’s kids plan their anniversary. Madhu gets an attack. She takes an antidote injection from the fridge and injects herself. She plans to take revenge from Shikha. Avinash and Sudha get marry again. Samaira gifts them the house papers. Avinash gets emotional. Shikha tells him that it is time for her to take care of her parents.


Aditya checks his new car and gets happy. Sunaina calls Samaira and asks her to reach office fast. Mohanto comes and takes the car keys. He asks her if he brought the car from the company’s account. Aditya says yes. Mohanto asks him to buy with his own money and gives the car to Aarya. Aditya gets angry. Mohanto asks him to drop his surname and make his own identity. Aditya burns the car in anger. Mohanto yells at him. Aditya decides to drop the surname from his name.


Sunaina tells Mohanto that Aditya won’t leave the surname from his name as he is accustomed to lavished lifestyle.  Sunaina reads newspaper and is shocked to see Aditya removing his surname Jagannath. Mohanto says, it is good. Aditya tells them that he is now Aditya Verma and will be taking his wife and son from there. Mohanto says, he can’t take Arnav with him. Samaira thinks to stop Aditya as Arnav is legally Madhu’s son and Mohanto can go to court.


Samaira tries to stop him. Aditya doesn’t listen to her. Shikha tells Neeraj that she doesn’t know what to do. Aarya asks Aditya to leave the clothes at the house as it was brought from Mohanto’s money. He gets annoyed. Mohanto and Sunaina see Samaira giving bath to Aarav. She tells him that they have to leave the house because of Aditya. Mohanto asks her to stay with Aarav. She says, she has to go with her husband. Sunaina asks Mohanto to stop Aditya from leaving. Keep reading.