Neena asks Saanchi to leave Dhruv, Suparna plans against Saanchi in Sony’s Jee Le Zara.

In Jee Le Zara, Suparna had changed Saanchi’s pregnancy reports with the fake ones. Saanchi goes to the doctor and is informed by the doctor that she cannot conceive citing her age problem. Saanchi gets disturbed. Dhruv consoles her like a dutiful husband and assures her to support her in every walk of life. Prachi comes to meet Saanchi and informs her of her pregnancy. Saanchi gets happy for her. Suparna tells Prachi that Saanchi can’t become a mom. Prachi consoles her and leaves.

Dhruv tells Saanchi not to get sad and shows the fertility specialist doctors on his laptop. Saanchi gets happy. Dhruv says, women can get pregnant even after 40 years. He asks her not to worry about Neena’s words. Suparna gets a call from the guy who switched the reports. He blackmails her to give her more money. Anway hears her, but she makes an excuse. Suparna instigates Neena against Saanchi.

Neena talks to Yash and says he was right about Saanchi and Dhruv’s marriage. Yash says, he was right and asks her to get Saanchi out of Dhruv’s life. Neena comes to Saanchi and asks her to take a big decision. She asks her to think about Dhruv, his happiness and dreams. She asks Saanchi to leave Dhruv if she wants his happiness. Saanchi asks her, what did she do? She says, she cannot live Dhruv even for a day. Neena hurts Saanchi with her words. She tells her that she is not made for Dhruv.

Neena asks Saanchi to leave Dhruv. Anway and Suparna hears that. Anway asks Neena, what she is saying? Neena says, Saanchi did a mistake. She says, she will handle him. Dhruv comes and asks Neena what is the matter. Neena lies to him. She asks Saanchi not to tell anything to Dhruv. Saanchi brings tea for Dhruv. Dhruv assures her that he won’t leave her. He tells her that he everything whatever Neena said to her. Suparna tries to win Neena with her false care. Dhruv tells Saanchi that he can’t live without her. Saanchi says, mom is right and she ruined his life.

Saanchi and Dhruv determine to find out who is behind Neena’s decision and who is brainwashing her. Saanchi tells Neena that she will consult other doctor and asks her to give her 6 days. She promises to leave on the 7th day if she fails to prove herself perfect for Dhruv. Neena agrees. Suparna gets tensed and checks on the internet about the do’s and don’ts in pregnancy. Suparna thinks to make Saanchi lose her baby in these 6 days. She makes Saanchi falls from the ladder, but Dhruv saves her on time. Suparna gets upset.

Neena is still upset with Saanchi. Saanchi tries her best to win her. Suparna brings Papaya for Saanchi and makes her eat forcibly. Saanchi gets vomiting immediately. Neena takes her medicines after getting a note from Saanchi. Suparna comes and gives her medicines. Neena says, she already had it. Dhruv and Saanchi think that Suparna is behind everything and decides to catch her red handed. He informs Saanchi about getting an appointment with the fertility specialist. Saanchi hugs him. Dhruv gets Sheela aunty’s call who informs her that she is coming there. Dhruv tells Saanchi that she is very fussy. Saanchi thinks to impress Sheela aunty inorder to impress Neena. Sheela aunty comes with her daughter in law. Suparna touches her feet hesitantly. She gives her list. Suparna excuses herself. Saanchi brings the items which she have written in the list. Sheela aunty gets happy and praises Saanchi. She asks her daughter in law to be like Saanchi. She blesses Saanchi to have a child soon. Saanchi and Neena get sad.

Suparna comes back and asks Neena about Sheela. Neena tells her that Sheela left. She says, Saanchi handled the situation when the servants are on leave. Suparna didn’t know that Dhruv sent the servants. Neena calls Yash. Yash asks her not to fall in Saanchi’s trap. Suparna scolds the servants. Dhruv saves them. Sheela calls Neena and praises Saanchi. Sheela says, she is lucky to have Saanchi as her bahu. Neena says yes. Saanchi comes. Neena asks Saanchi not to misunderstand her and says she won’t change her decision. Suparna gets happy. Saanchi goes to her room sadly. Dhruv consoles her. Dhruv talks positively. Suparna thinks to do something before Saanchi finds out about her pregnancy. Keep reading Jee Le Zara to know how Suparna plans flops miserably.