Neha jumps with joy after knowing Aman’s decision; Dadi gets Neha checked by the doctor angering her family in Sony’s Itti Si Khushi.

In Itti Si Khushi, Aman makes it clear to Gayatri that he had promised them to do as they said and searched for his happiness in their’s, but he knows that he is right and won’t back up. Dadi asks the maid to bring everyone, she has made the decision. Neha asks Akanksha to come with her to the parlour. Akanksha makes an excuse and hopes everything gets well. Gayatri and Aman comes to Dadi. Aman says he will listen to Dadi. Dadi says she won’t say anything if he wants to marry that girl. Dadi says she has a condition and says that girl must not come across her, else she will throw her out of the house. Aman says she won’t let her complain. Aman touches her foot saying he needs her blessings. Dadi asks him to adapt a habit of saying sorry. Aman meets Neha in the market and they talk about their childhood. Aman thinks they have been together for so many years, but he didn’t realize his feelings. Neha calls him Khadoos. She asks him to make the wish and picks his eyelash from his face. She puts it on his hand. He laughs and makes a wish. She asks what he wished for. Suraj comes and takes Neha.

Anand apologized the guests for engagement. Aman comes and apologizes for the trouble. He informs them that Dadi agreed for his happiness. Anand asks him to think again. Dida asks him to understand his responsibility. Aman is sure that he wants to marry Neha. Akanksha backs Aman and says Neha and Aman are made for each other. Everyone bless Akanksha and hugs her. Aman says he needs to talk to Neha. Akanksha asks him to propose Neha. Neha comes. Aman tells her that there is icecream on her mouth. She goes to clean it. Dida sends her to her room as Gayatri wants to talk to her alone. Dadi thinks she agreed for marriage, but won’t let Neha rest.

Gayatri speaks to Neha and gives her Shagun ring. She says she must learn everything as her new life is going to start. She says she will teach her all the things. Neha is surprised. Gayatri asks everyone didn’t they tell Neha anything. Aman begins to speak, Neha shows the gold coin she got from Gayatri. Gayatri tells her that she is going to be her daughter in law. Neha is shocked and then jumps with joy. She then gets shocked and takes Akanksha inside. Neha says she must not have jumped. Akanksha says you jumped because you were happy by heart. Neha says that she must have felt bad. Akanksha says they all know that Aman and you like each other. She assures that she is happy. Karthik teases Aman for seeing Neha’s photo. Aman scolds him. Neha thinks to call Aman and then thinks not to call him as it is late night. She dances with happiness and says I love you Aman. She plans date, movie etc with Aman, but gets scared thinking about his Dadi.

Anand goes to cancel the engagement hall. Manager argues and insults his family. Dadi talks to Jayanti and thinks she has to call Neha at 5 pm, then she will see if she is really eligible of becoming their daughter in law. Akanksha decides to join her office and cancel the leave. She informs her employer. Dida asks her if she is happy. Akanksha says she is really happy. Dida prays for her happiness. Anand and Sunita bring Shagun to Aman’s house. Dadi says she had to agree on Aman’s insistence. Gayatri asks them to have breakfast. Sunita says they have to leave. Dadi asks them to send Neha. Jayanti thinks there will be a big drama in the evening. Neha hears the bike coming, and hung towards him. Aman comes from behind and laughs. Neha gets angry, Aman holds her hand. Neha smiles.

Neha sits with Aman on bike, and waves Anand, Sunita and Dida. She tells them that she is going on a round. Dida tells Sunita that Aman will take care of Neha and will teach her everything. Neha gives miss calls to Aman. Aman calls her and asks her to come with him in the evening. Neha asks can she come right now. Aman says he will pick her at 5 pm in the evening. Neha gets happy. Anand and Sunita ask Neha to go to Aman’s house. Neha hesitantly agrees and dresses up. Sunita instructs her to touch elders’ feet. Neha comes to Aman’s house. She greets everyone and touches Dadi’s feet. She hugs Neeta then. Dadi taunts her. Dadi tells her that someone is coming to meet her. Neha asks is it Aman. Dadi says he is someone else and shows the doctor. Neha gets shocked and insists she is fine.

Dadi tells the Doctor that she wants to know will she be able to forward their generation or not and asks the doctor to observe her carefully. She asks Gayatri to go inside. Jayanti makes Neha sit on the sofa as the Doctor suggests some test. Sunita informs Aman that Neha is at his home. He wonders what she is doing there. Doctor checks her BP and says she is fine. Dadi insists for the tests. Neha says she is fine and runs cryingly. She comes home and hugs Anand. She tells them everything. Anand and Sandeep get angry and go to Aman’s house. Anand asks Dadi to answer why they showed Neha to doctor without permission. Dadi says she was in hospital for twelve years. Anand asks was it Neha’s mistake. Dadi says they have all the right to know if she can be a mother and worth Aman. Anand breaks the marriage alliance. Aman asks Dadi what she wants to know about Neha.

Aman tells her that doctors can’t tell someone if a girl can be a mother or not. He makes it clear that his happiness lies with Neha. Dadi says they have broken the relation. Aman says he will marry Neha and asks her to accept it. Anand is adamant on his decision. Neha cries. Dida tells Anand that he must not have decided angrily. Akanksha assures Neha that everything will be fine and Aman will look after everything. She gets Aman’s message and tells Neha he is waiting for her outside. Neha comes running. Anand asks Akanksha toNeha to her room. Aman was heartbroken and sad. Neha sends message to him. Aman replies her that he will come after one hour. Neha falls asleep while Aman keeps on waiting for her with bouquet in his hand. Aman places the teddy and the bouquet on the door and leaves. Neha wakes up and comes out. She finds the flowers, teddy bear and chocolates. She gets dream about Dadi giving her injection and shouts. Akanksha gives her water. Anand thinks his decision is right. Keep reading.