Pihu and Khush get obsessive with the Suhani’s baby in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Last week, Suhani gave birth to a baby girl. Khush gets emotional and happy to see the baby, Everyone get happy seeing the baby. Vikram gets emotional. Khush tells Priya that he will be both mom and dad for the baby. Vikram calls Neha and congrats her for becoming grand mom. He tells her that the baby looks exactly like Sammy and Kapoor’s took the baby to their home. He tells Cady to make Neha understand that baby needs to stay at Kapoor Mansion. He says that he is happy that the baby will stay with khush.

Priya talks to Pihu and tells her that the baby looks exactly like Sammy and asks her to choose whether she loved Sammy more or hated Suhani more. Khush brings the baby girl home. Everyone get delighted to see the baby. Vikram asks Ram to give shagun to the baby. Ram tells him that everything is hers. Pihu comes and takes the baby in her arms.

Priya gives baby to Ram and gets emotional. Priya says she is remembering Pihu’s birth and says hope he would have held Pihu when she was born.  She asks him to shut his eyes and imagine that this girl is Pihu. They smile. Vikram thinks to talk to Ram about bringing baby to his home. He tells Riddima about the baby. She gets happy.

Priya and Natasha talk about pihu. Natasha tells her that Pihu is exactly like her. Priya says if Pihu has at least half of her qualities, she will sail through. Pihu and Khush are with the baby. They talk about Sammy and Suhani. Pihu says looks like he is missing Suhani and says he can meet her, but she cannot meet Sammy at all. Khush says he does not want to meet Suhani. Khush says when he saw the child, he forgot all hatred.

Vikram talks to Sammy’s pics and tells about the baby. He gets emotional. Khush recalls about Suhani and gets sad. He goes to Pihu’s room and takes the baby to the garden. Pihu wakes up and doesn’t find the baby. She panics and informs everyone. Khush comes there and tells that he took the baby. Pihu gets angry on him. Khush says Priya that Pihu is acting obsessive again like she was with Sammy. He says he cannot give his daughter to her. Priya asks him to relax.

Vikram looks at the toys of his children and thinks to give it to baby. He tells Cady that he wants to bring baby home, but looking at Kapoor’s happiness, he stayed silent. Khush and Pihu fight over naming the baby. Pihu argues that the baby is Sammy’s kid while Khush tells that he waited for baby for 9 months. Vikram again talks to Sammy’s pics and tells that he will bring baby home. Pihu goes to her room and cries. Priya urges her to open the door, but she doesn’t. Priya tells Ram that Pihu is getting obsessive of the baby. Ram goes for the business meeting. Pihu takes baby to her room which annoys khush.

Vikram and his family gear up to go to Kapoor Mansion to see the baby and get excited. Priya asks Pihu and Khush what is wrong with them, why are they fighting for the baby. She says they will each handle the baby half day each and will not interfere while the baby is with one of them. Khush is not happy with Priya’s decision and gets sad. Mamaji consoles Khush. Priya talks to Natasha about khush and Pihu wanting the baby.

khush tells Myra about Maharana pratap and helps her in writing an essay. Pihu shows the photo album to the baby and shows her Sammy. She tells the baby that he is your father. klhush then shows baby Suhani’s pic and says she is your mamma. Myra gives the baby items lists and asks mamaji to bring it. Mamaji brings the items and asks Pihu and khush to check.

Pihu comes to Khush’s room and sees him sleeping.  She takes baby with her. She comes out in the hall and sees baby not moving. She calls everyone. Priya takes baby from Pihu and scolds Pihu and Khush that they could not take care of baby. Doctor comes and gives injection to baby. He says, she will be alright soon. Khush tries to touch baby when Priya asks him to stop and says baby will neither stay with Pihu nor Khush, she will be with her.

Priya takes care of the baby whole night. She refuses to give the baby to khush nor pihu. Khush requests her to trust him. Myra gets ready and about to leave for office for the first time. Priya feeds her curd and gives her chocolate. Khush comes to office with baby. His staff member says he is seeing a father carrying his baby to office for the first time. Myra asks if he can handle work and baby. Khush says he can easily both. Pihu refuses to have food until she gets the baby. Keep reading.