Pihu sees Priya in the hotel in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Ram and Priya are on the official trip but both of them are trying to reconcile with the other. This week, Ram and Priya are working together heads for the lunch. Ram orders the juice with exotic flavour (wine). Priya doesn’t know about the wine in the juice and the juices get exchanged. Priya drinks the juice with wine and her head start spining and she gets dizzy. Ram realizes the blunder and gets tensed. Priya tells him that she shouldn’t have tried his exotic drink. Ram says, lets go to the room. Pihu is about to see Priya but misses.

Suhani falls on the road unable to bear the heat and gets unconscious. Rajat who has just landed in Mumbai rushes to her help. He takes her to the hospital and recognizes Suhani as Priya’s doctor. He calls Cady and asks her to come to the hospital. Cady comes and hugs him. She tells him that she called him for Ram and Priya and tells him everything. Cady calls Khush to the hospital. Rajat couldn’t believe that Pihu is the reason for Ram and Priya’s seperation. He determines to unite them. Khush comes to the hospital. Rajat gets happy seeing him. He recalls the little Khush, Khush says, I am grown up now. I am Ram and Priya angel’s son. Cady tells Rajat that Khush is staying with Priya and Suhani.

Suhani regains consciousness and thanks Rajat for taking her to the hospital. Rajat asks her to take care of herself. Ram brings Priya to her room. He makes her lie on the bed. Priya demands to go out of the hotel. Ram promises to take her in the morning for the outing. Vikram calls Pihu and she tells him that they halt at Delhi. She tells him that Ram is staying in the same hotel as hers. Vikram asks her to keep an eye on Ram. Pihu comes to Ram’s room and says I caught you. Ram gets shocked and tensed. She asks him, whose room is this? Ram says, his employees room. She says, I will check it. Ram doesn’t allow her to check in the room. She asks for water. Ram gives her water and asks her to go and he will join her soon.

Cady convinces Rajat and Daijaa to stay at her home. Daijaa refuses to stay at a daughter’s home. Rajat says, it is 21st century. Cady convinces her anyhow. Ram comes to the room and finds Priya missing. He gets tensed. He asks the receptionalist about Priya and goes insearch of her.

Cady asks Rajat about his secretive mission to unite Ram and Priya. Rajat plans to unite them and believes they are couple made in heaven and bond to be together always. He tells Cady that Daijaa is unaware of his purpose of visit to India. He tells her that Daijaa thinks he came for the inauguration of his book. Rajat and Daijaa come to Cady’s house. Vikram welcomes them. Rajat and Vikram have a good talk while having wine. Vikram tells him about Ram and Priya’s seperation and holds himself guity as he couldn’t convince them against the seperation. Rajat says, it was their decision and asks him not to feel guilty.

Priya is walking in the hotel in an inebriated condition. Pihu is coming from the other way but both of them miss to see each other. Daijaa tells Cady that she needs a seperate room. Daijaa tells Cady that she knows that she called Rajat to reconcile Ram and Priya as she had read the message in his mobile. Daijaa says, Rajat still loves Priya and he will be happy to unite Ram and Priya. Juhi talks to Sid and gets tensed. Sid tells her that he needs 6 crores as he lost the money in the investments for Khush and Naina. Mamaji suggests Juhi to take money from Ram. Juhi doesn’t agree to ask Ram. Mamaji suggests her to take cheque book from Ram’s room and gets the cheque encashed. He says, Ram will not know about it. Juhi comes to Ram’s room and steals the cheque book.

Ram finally sees Priya standing near the window and glaring at the stars. Ram says, thank God you are here. Priya says, I was worried about you and was waiting for you. Ram says, lets go to the room. Priya says, lets stay here for sometime. Priya tells him about the two stars who comes closer to each other. She says, one star sacrifices to fulfill the wish of humans. She asks, do you love me even now? Ram asks, what? Priya says, I have a head ache but I know what I am talking? She says, I don’t like when you denies to love me and your ego looks bad to me. Your ego took my place in your life. She gets emotional. She says, I don’t like you when you listened to your ego. I like you when you gets angry. When you eat my hand made Parathas then I like you. I couldn’t seperate you from myself. She demands to go on a walk. Ram promises to take her out tomorrow.

Juhi practices to forge Ram’s sign on the cheque. Mamaji supports her. Juhi feels bad to forge Ram’s signs but Mamaji convinces her. He asks her to think about Sid’s happiness and make her understand that 6 crores doesn’t matter to Ram as he is very much. Ram takes Priya to his room. He smiles looking at her. Khush asks Suhani to do as she says. He tells her to take care of herself else he will complain to Priya angel. Suhani agrees. Khush makes her eat the juice after food.

Sammy comes to Pihu’s room. Pihu welcomes him and shows him the decorations which she organised for the night. She goes to change her dress. Sammy thinks, he can’t get closer to Pihu and drinks wine. Pihu comes and Sammy sees Suhani in Pihu. They start dancing romantically. Sammy hugs her and says I love you Suhani. Pihu is shocked and hurt. Priya wakes up in the morning and thanks him. Priya hears Sammy and Pihu fighting over Suhani. She gets tensed as her fears are proving true. She thinks to tell Ram but thinks I can’t see him shattered.

Natasha calls Priya. Priya tells her about Sammy and Pihu’s fight. Natasha asks her to show the truth to Ram rather than speaking to him about them. Priya gets ready for the presentation. She thinks to check the final figures once. Pihu is going from there and sees Priya. She gets surprised and asks, you are here. Priya turns and faces her. How will Pihu react seeing Priya in the hotel? What she will do when she gets to know about Ram and Priya’s official trip? Will Rajat be able to unite the Ram and Priya? Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.