PROUD PARENTS Naira and Kartik might name their child…

MUMBAI: Naira and Kartik are extremely loved on television today, and the admiration for them by the audience rose a notch higher when they decided not to get divorced. The love between them was overflowing, and the audience cried when they cried!

Now, the two are proud to-be parents, and we can’t wait to see the baby’s cute face! Along with the new member of the family will come a lot of celebrations and happy moments, which the audience will cherish.

So will it be a boy or a girl? What will he or she be named?

We list down the probable names of their child. If Naira and Kartik bore a girl child, she could be named Kaira, Ira, Kareena, or Tiara, and if it is a boy child, he could be named Raka or Kanha. Another great option is that they could keep the name of Naira’s parents as a way of paying an ode to them: Akshara and Naitik!

What say?

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