Ragini makes Shilpa change her statement to save Ranbir in Sony’s IKNMP.

In Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar, Ragini thinks Neil has tried to bribe Shilpa’s mom and comes to his house. She blames him for trying to bribe Shilpa’s mom to change statement. Neil says he did not send anyone. Ragini informs him about Pam coming and offering money. Neil calls Pam. Pam accepts to have offered money to save Ranbir’s life. Neil tells Ragini that Pam was wrong and asks her to stop boasting about her upbringing as Arav insulted her in front of him. He challenges her that if Ranbir is proved guilty, he will leave Agam with her and if he is proved innocent, he will take Arav with him to America. Ragini accepts the deal. Nivedita comes to Neil’s room when he was talking to Ragini and pretends to stay in his room. Ragini says she doesn’t care whom he stays with.
Jignesh’s parents and grandma come with their guests to Ragini’s house for a puja. Sahir brings Arzoo to get her treated at Neil’s hospital. They talk about their broken heart and wish each other all the best for their future. Neil wears sherwani and gets ready to go to Ragini’s house. He tells her that he is taking Nivedita with him. Pam thinks he wants to make Ragini jealous. Nishi and Jignesh do the puja. Neil reaches Ragini’s home with Nivedita. Jignesh’s grandma asks Neil who is she. Neil says she is his friend. Grandma says Jignesh’s mother that something is fishy, parents are seen more with their friends than with each other. Nivedita tries to correct her sari pallu. Neil helps her. Nivedita sees Ragini and hugs Neil. Ragini gets jealous. Neil tells Nivedita that they are marrying soon and he will announce about it today.
Grand Maa sees constable taking Arav’s signatures on the papers. Nivedita comes and offers her help. He refuses. Nivedita tells Grandma that Ragini got her own son arrested and tells about Ranbir’s arrest. Grand Maa gets angry. Neil leaves with Nivedita. Grandma comes inside and stops the puja. She breaks the alliance and says this marriage cannot happen as this family is characterless, Nishi’s parents are with someone else after divorce and her brother is in jail. Ragini says Ranbir is staying with his dad and not her. Grandma says she has given birth to him and is responsible for his wrong upbringing. She walks out asking her family to follow her. Nishi gets shocked as Jignesh’s dad takes him along with them.
Nishi accuses Ragini for breaking her alliance by getting her own son arrested. Ragini cries. Naani tries to console Nishi. Arav says Ragini that he warned her not to get Ranbir arrested, but she did not listen to him. Sunny Tai confronts Ragini saying she is wrong this time and says between her and Neil’s fight, kids are suffering. Pam talks to Suhani and informs her that Neil is getting married to Nivedita. Police comes to take Shilpa’s statement about the accident. She says she was driving car. Inspector tells that Arav is an eyewitness who told Ranbir was driving car. Shilpa says she was driving the car. Mom asks her why is she lying. Inspector takes her statement. Shilpa reminiscences Ragini requesting her to change the statement as Ranbir will go to jail with her statement and his life will be ruined. She requests to save her son.
Ragini informs Aman that Nishi’s marriage broke off. She tells that she requested Shilpa as she cannot see Neil getting helpless in front of his children. Inspector brings Ranbir to Neil’s house and tells them that Shilpa gave statement that Ranbir is not a culprit as she was driving the car. Pam gets happy. Neil asks Pam to pack their bag as they are leaving for US tonight. He tells her that he is going to Ragini’s house to tell her that she is wrong and make Arav Patel as Arav Khanna. Ragini thinks to save Nishi’s marriage now.
Ragini goes to Neil’s cabin to change her clothes and the peon dropped water on her by mistake. Neil comes to his cabin and sees Ragini changing dress. She asks why did he come here? He says he came to make her realize her mistake and says she failed in her challenge, so he is taking Arav with him to secure his future. She asks when will he come to take Arav. He says it is midnight flight. She starts crying. He tells her that he is thinking not to take Arav as he wants to make her feel about her mistake. He comes out and tells Dimpy that winning against dear ones is worst than losing and says he cannot take Arav from Ragini. Neil and his family pack their bags and leave towards airport.
Agam comes to Ragini’s house with Karan. He meets Nani and tells her that he will miss everyone especially Ragini scoldings. He gives Nishi a dress and asks her to wear it on her wedding day. Nishi starts crying. Arav asks him to take back dress as Nishi’s marriage is broken. Agam gets shocked. Arav continues that Jignesh’s parents broke marriage as they came to know about Ranbir’s arrest and did not want to marry their son in a family whose son is a criminal. Ragini asks him to go back to Neil, else he may miss flight. Agam touches Ragini’s feet and leaves with Karan. Agam meets Shilpa and wishes her to get well soon. She tells him everything about the accident. Nishi refuses to have food. Aman comes there. Nishi insults him.
Agam reaches airport with sweets and makes everyone eat it. He tells Neil that he should be celebrating more as Nishi’s marriage is broken and his belief over Ranbir is intact. Agam tells Ranbir made accident and left Shilpa to die on the road, mom got him arrested, but made Shilpa to change her statement to stop Ranbir fall in Neil’s eyes. Agam says mom did not want Ranbir to be punished, she just wanted him to realize his mistake, so she requested Shilpa to change her statement. Neil reminisces scolding Ragini and telling her that he will take Arav with him to America as her punishment. He tells Pam that until Nishi’s marriage happens, nobody will go from there. Keep reading.