Sagarika agrees to marry Arindam; Bunty beats the goons to protect Sagarika’s respect; Sagarika refuses to marry Arindam and realizes her feelings for Bunty in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Satya informs Lakshmi about Bunty going to Sagarika’s house. Lakshmi gets angry with Bunty and wonders why did he go there. Madhav informs Mishraji that Bunty has gone to his professor friend chattopadhay’s house as he had called him. Mishraji asks Lakshmi to calm down. Bunty decides to confess his feelings to Sagarika and reaches her home. He gives her bouquet. Sagarika tells him that her dad’s decision is right and declares that she is ready to marry Arindham shocking Bunty. Dad says he will call his friend/Arindam’s dad and get her engaged her engaged in 2-3 days. Bunty feels heartbroken and tries to leave. Arindam asks him to congratulate him. Bunty congratulates him. Bunty tells them that he came to inform her about Diwali Mela. Sagarika asks him to come with them. Bunty agrees to accompany them to the Diwali market.

Lakshmi gets worried for Bunty. She gets Mishraji’s call who informs that people are coming with an alliance for Ratna. She gets happy and asks him to bring sweets. Bunty goes to coffee shop with Sagarika and Arindam. Sagarika tells Arindam that Bunty likes Satya since childhood. Bunty tells her that she is just his friend. Bunty gets a call from home asking him to come soon. Sagarika sees some guys teasing a girl and intervenes. They start teasing Sagarika. Arindham asks her to stay quiet as they are local goons and he can’t fight with them. Bunty gets angry as they try to touch Sagarika and beats them badly. They apologize to Sagarika.

Lakshmi asks Swara to call Bunty and check when is he coming, but call does not connect. People come to see Ratna and like the alliance. They get happy. Bunty sadly reaches home. Dadi informs him that Ratna’s alliance is fixed now and asks Satya to get sweets for him. Bunty gets happy and hugs her. Ratna senses his sadness. Madhav says he will check what happened. Sagarika asks Arindam how could he not help that girl and shied away from responsibility. He says it is police’s duty and not his. Sagarika praises Bunty. Arindam gets irked. Madhav gets angry with Sagarika. Bunty says it is his mistake to love one-sidedly. Bunty prays god to keep Sagarika happy wherever she is.

Phubali takes Arindam’s side while Sagarika takes Bunty’s side. Phubali says what can Arindam do if she likes Bunty so much. Mishraji and Lakshmi decide to take Bunty’s alliance to Satya’s parents. Arindam calls Bunty and says he needs car for a day as his parents are coming and asks him to accompany him. Bunty replies that he will send car for him. Satya gets tea for Bunty and asks him to stop getting sad thinking about Ratna’s marriage. Lakshmi smiles seeing them. Arindam gives a ring to Sagarika. She says we talked that we will buy ring together. He says it is his mom’s choice. He says they are grown up and asks her not to act like a kid. She says a lot has changed in 1 day.

Mishraji meets Chattopadhay who informs him that Sagarika agreed to marry Arindam and gives him sweets. Mishraji says even Ratna’s mariage is fixed and he is very happy. Bunty talks to Ratna and says he wants whole world happiness for her. Ratna senses something is wrong and asks if he loves someone else and takes Sagarika’s name. Bunty says yes. Ratna says she will speak to Sagarika. He asks her not to. Ratna asks if he can forget his love. Bunty gets sad.

Lakshmi asks Rani to control her expenditure and says she has to get two daughter marry. She tells her that the house runs on Mishraji and Bunty’s money. Rani argues with her and tells Pappu that his mother will soon burn her. Pappu insults his mom and tells Lakshmi that he will start earning now. Lakshmi feels bad and gets very upset. Bunty sees her sad and tries to console his crying mother. He promises to marry any girl whom Lakshmi chooses for him. Sagarika tells her dad that she does not want to marry Arindham. He gets angry. She says she cannot marry a person who is coward and does not understand someone’s feelings. He says she is acting like her mom who used to get emotional for silly reasons. He asks her to get ready for the engagement. Sagarika gets upset. Phubali sees her crying.

Sagarika thinks to take Bunty’s help. Sagarika tells Bunty that she is not happy with her marriage with Arindam and requests him to stop it. Bunty agrees and prays god to help him. Lakshmi tells Mishraji that Bunty promised her yesterday that he will marry whoever she points at. Mishraji teases her saying that her son is obeying her so much. Sagarika tells Phubali that Bunty is different. Bunty informs Madhav about Sagarika’s request to stop her marriage. Madhav gets happy. Bunty meets Sagarika’s dad and tells him that Sagarika is heart broken and is sacrificing her dreams for you. Dad says Sagarika must have sent you to convince me and calls Sagarika. He requests him to rethink about his decision. Dad asks Bunty to keep away from Sagarika.

Sagarika calls Bunty and says she is sure that he would find some way to stop her engagement with Arindam. Arindam hears her talking to Bunty and calls her characterless. Sagarika’s dad hears him and breaks her marriage with Arindam. Sagarika hugs her dad. Bunty calls Sagarika and invites her for the diwali party of his grandpa. Mishraji invites Satya’s family also for diwali party. Sagarika gets ready. Phubali asks her to express her love to Bunty before it is too late. Keep reading.