Sagarika uploads Ratna’s marriage profile on matrimonial website; Bunty requests Sagarika to play Sita in Ram Leela play irking Satya in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Sagarika’s dad gets angry on Sagarika as he thinks she is searching for a prospective groom for herself. Rani tells Pappu that she is going to her parents’ house for 1 week. Pappu says he will get bored without her so Rani invites him to come along with her. Pappu gets ready to go for the pagphera rasam. Bauji scolds him. Satya makes halwa for Bunty, who teases her. Sagarika calls Bunty and asks him to meet her at a coffee shop as she prepared a profile for Ratna on a matrimonial website. She tells him that she wants to show the profile to him.
Satya hears the conversation between them and gets alarmed. He comes to the coffee shop and sees the profile made by Sagarika. He gets moved by her gesture and looks at her lovingly. Sagarika asks him to give nice photo of Ratna to be added in the profile. Rani goes alone. Pappu misses and calls her. Sagarika’s dad and Bunty’s dad meet each other and talk about the Indian system of filing the forms. Arindham asks Sagarika about Bunty and says he would like to meet him. .
Bunty and Sagarika take Ratna to a photo studio to get her picture clicked for the matrimonial website. Mishra ji reaches there. Madhav informs Bunty who asks him to send his father out somehow. Madhav calls him and asks him to reach home fast. Mishra ji rushes home. Sagarika tells Bunty about Arindam and says she wants him to meet all her friends. Bunty smiles. Arindam asks Sagarika to take her own time in taking the decision and says they can be friends always. She takes him out to have pan.
Mishra family are Preparing for the upcoming Ram Leela. Bunty gets worried as the girl who plays Sita is not in the city. He tries to look out for the girl who will fit to play the role but nobody fits the role. Sagarika comes to his house to take Ratna’s pictures in order to upload it on the matrimonial website. Amma suggests Bunty to take Satya for Sita’s role but Bunty dismisses the idea. Satya gets irked. Madhav suggests to Bunty to take Sagarika’s help. Bunty requests her to play the role of Sita. Sagarika hesitantly agrees. Madhav gets happy and says he can see perfect Ram and Sita.
Satya over hears their conversation and decides to play Sita in the play and tells Amma about this decision. She tells Amma that she practiced all the dialogues and can’t see Bunty in trouble. Amma gets impressed by her and tells Bunty that Satya will play Sita. Bunty gets sad and as he wants Sagarika to play that part. Amma asks Satya to prepare for her role. Rani comes to know that Pappu is playing Ravan and tries to convince him to play Ram. He promises to play Ram nexy year and says he will take her out. She gets happy. Bunty’s dad and Sagarika’s dad talk about their daughters and marriage. Sagarika’s dad comes home and asks her if she loves someone. Sagarika tells no and says she needs time to take a call.

Arindam comes there. Sagarika tells them that she participated in the Ram Leela play. Arindam backs her. Her dad gives her permission. Sagarika hugs him. Bunty gets an idea and tries to convince Satya that playing Sita will bring her bad luck. Madhav joins Bunty and tells Satya that whoever plays Satya are left unmarried. Satya gets scared and refuses to play Sita. She informs Amma that she don’t want to play Sita. Bunty asks her to come for rehearsals. Satya refuses and suggests him to take Sagarika for Sita’s role. She thinks Sagarika will get into trouble if she plays Sita. Bunty and Madhav get happy. Sagarika gets ready to play the role, Bunty keeps looking at her irking Satya. They practice for Ram Leela. The rehearsals bring Bunty and Sagarika closer. Satya gets irked and thinks if Bunty fooled her. She decides to do something. Pappu continues to romance his wife Rani while Ratna teases him. Madhav asks Bunty to tell the truth to Sagarika before the play. She comes with Arindam. They get shocked. Bunty decides to face the truth.
Bunty waits for Sagarika as the play is going to start. She comes with Arindam and introduces Bunty as Ram. Bunty gets worried. Satya thinks people will like Bunty and Sagarika as Ram and Sita and thinks Sagarika will do black magic on him. Keep reading.