Sahir convinces Nausheen to stay back; Anam steals Arzoo’s designs; Sahir asks Arzoo to prove that the design is hers; Anam buys the designed dupatta from Zara in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Nausheen decides to go back to Lucknow after getting insulted by Kurti Apa and Anam. Even though Arzoo don’t want to go as she wants to pursue her dreams, but she agrees. Anam books sleeper class tickets for Arzoo and her family. Kurti Apa backs her. Alvira tries to convince Nausheen and Arzoo to change their decision, but they are adamant. Alvira gets sad. Arzoo thinks she will have to clear Sayyara’s name out of controversy. Arzoo meets press and says she want to tell the truth what happened that night. Sahir comes there and drags her with him.He tells her that Media will ruin Sayyara’s image. Alvira talks to Sahir and tells him that she is feeling bad as she lost a chance to help her friend who had helped her so much. Sahir goes to Nausheen and requests her to stay back. Nausheen agrees.

Sahir informs Alvira that Nausheen agreed to stay back. Alvira gets happy. She informs Kurti Apa about Nausheen staying back. Kurti Apa gets angry. Alvira asks her to be in her limit and says she will get Arzoo married to her son soon. Kurti says she will not let that happen. Arzoo comes to Sahir and thanks him for convincing Nausheen. He makes it clear that he has done that for his ammi. She gives him an envelope saying it her designs inside. She praises herself and tells him about standing infront of bulldozer to save her Ammi’s factory and curses a man who blasted it. Sahir gets irked as he had done it and throws the envelope. Sarfaraz calls Anam. Anam informs him about Arzoo and her family staying in her house. He informs his second wife Farha about Nausheen coming to Mumbai with her family.

Zara sees Anam carefully and tells her that she wants to become Anam Chaudhary as she likes her attitude, dressing sense etc. Anam says she cannot become like her being in Lucknow. Sahir calls a staff meeting and says he is launching new Jannath collection and asks everyone to submit their designs in a few hours. Arzoo decides to design for the collection. Zaki tells Anam that he knows who is behind Anam and his arrest and warns her that he will become VP for sure. Anam gets tensed. Kurti Apa tells Alvira what will Sahir do if he will know about your plan of marrying him to Arzoo. Alvira is sure that Sahir will not disobey her and she is making his life better. Kurti warns Alvira not to think of getting Sahir married to Arzoo else she will ruin her plan. Alvira asks her to go ahead and inform Sahir and warns her that Sahir will kick her out of not only house but out of world. Alvira tells her that she will show her place in the house.

Kurti Apa steals lawyer’s number from Anam’s room and thinks to use him to execute her plan. Arzoo comes back home late. Nausheen asks her to rent a house. Arzoo asks them to go back. Anam comes to Sahir and gives him design claiming to be hers. Sahir gets impressed. Sahir comes to office with Anam and says he finalized Jannath collections’s design and Anam sketched it. Everyone get happy looking at the designs and claps. Arzoo is shocked to see her design and says she sketched it. Sahir asks what nonsense. Arzoo says Anam stole her design. Anam says she is telling lie. Sahir asks if she made this design then prove it. Arzoo agrees and searches for the sketch in her file, but does not find it. Sahir asks her to stop her drama. Arzoo says she made a duppata of this design for Zara. Sahir says if she proves this design is hers the he will make her Jannath collection’s main designer and will give her credit, and if she does not then she will be punished. Arzoo agrees. Anam thinks to get the design at any cost.

Zara tells Daadi that Sahir has swimming pool in his room. Dadi gets excited and requests Zara to show swimming pool to her soon. Sarfaraz calls Nausheen and asks her to meet him in a nearby restaurant. Nausheen agrees. Arzoo comes to her outhouse and starts searching Zara’s dupatta designed by her, but she doesn’t find it. Anam thinks of getting dupatta from Zara before Arzoo gets it. Alvira tells Dadi about missing Mirchi Ka salan. Dadi offers to prepare it for her. Arzoo asks Zara to keep her dupatta safely and give it to her once she comes back.

Nausheen meets Sarfaraz. He asks her to request Alvira to hire him back at Sayyara. She cries badly. Myra looks at them. Arzoo reaches office and tells Sahir that she has proof and will get it now. Sahir says he will see it tomorrow morning. She sees Zaki there and thanks him for his help. Zaki flirts with her. Anam takes Zara to her room and asks her to select the best dress for her as a gift. Zara hesitates to take it. Anam asks her to give dupatta to her which has design over it. Zara thinks to give Arzoo’s gifted dupatta to Anam. She takes her to outhouse and shows the dupatta. Anam offers her 1 lakhs rupees inexchange of dress. Zara thinks for a while and refuses to give the dupatta. Anam says she can help her family with the money. Zara accepts her offer. Anam takes dupatta and gives money. Keep reading.