Sahir demolishes the factory illegally; Arzoo’s design gets awarded in the beauty contest; Sahir’s mom takes her to Mumbai in Sony’s Humsafars.

This story is set in Lucknow.Aarzoo is a designer who works in a small factory. She comes to know that the factory got eviction notice. Arzoo assures the workers that she will not let the factory shut down. However, a big buyer Sahir has bought the factory and wants to demolish it. Arzoo decides to do something about it as her mother Nausheen worked there for 15 years and decides to stop the demolition. She asks her friend to go to court and get a stay order for the same. Sahir’s car hits Arzoo’s bike and her designs falls in his car. Arzoo gets angry and throws stone on the car. Sahir tells his lawyer that he wants to teach a lesson to small town people.

Arzoo’s sister records her worried expressions. Arzoo’s mom gets sad as she recalls her husband. Arzoo asks her to stop remembering that man who left them alone and calls him stranger. Arzoo promises to fulfill her dreams. Her mom gets emotional and hugs her. Sahir comes to the factory and looks at the designs. He doesn’t like it. His driver gives him Arzoo’s designs which he likes. He asks someone to demolish the factory and doesn’t listen to workers plea. Arzoo’s friend informs her about factory’s demolition. She tells her mom that everything will be fine and talks to the parrot.

The factory demolition starts while Arzoo waits for the stay order. She lie down in front of the Bulldozer in order to stop the demolition. She faints while lying down, Bulldozer starts but something goes wrong as the brakes fail. Everyone think bulldozer smashed Arzoo but it crashes with tree. Sahir is seen saving Arzoo and drops her on table. He leaves.

Arzoo and her sister enjoy rain while Sahir hates rain. He calls his car dealer and tells him that his car stopped because of rain. Aarzo wishes to get a job in Mumbai while her sisters pray to get boyfriend. Sahir is sitting in his car but couldn’t see their faces. The demolition of the workshop has been put on hold due to the stay order issued by the court. Sahir meets MLA who asks him to get the factory demolish illegally. MLA’s wife asks Sahir to taste mangoes which he refuses saying he hates mangoes. While Arzoo and her sister eat mangoes and talk about beauty contest. Sahir’s mom asks him to attend beauty contest as she is chief guest there. Sahir agrees. Sahir eats burnt toast angrily.

Arzoo designs the dress for her sister Zara. Arzoo prays for her success. Arzoo’s mom Nausheen prays for Arzoo gets a good alliance. Arzoo asks her Zara to wear the dress designed by her. Zara’s friend comes there with a modern dress. Zara gets excited and says she will wear the modern dress to increase her chances to win. Zara tells her that people should be modern by thoughts and not by dress. However Zara goes to change her dress. Fashion show starts. Sahir mom Mrs. Chaudhary sees the girls carefully.

Zara comes wearing the short dress while her family claps for her. Arzoo and Sahir see each other but couldn’t identity each other. Sahir’s mom questions Zara and Rohini about their inspiration. Rohini tells that Arzoo is her inspiration and she designed her dress. Zara answers that she herself is her inspiration. Sahir talks to the goon to demolish the factory. He says, he will let him know tomorrow. Sahir says, he doesn’t know tomorrow.

Arzoo tells Zara that she should have told their mom as her inspiration. Zara says sorry. Arzoo goes to check on Rohini and looks at the moon. She sits next to Sahir, with cardboard parting them. Sahir and Arzoo praise moon in their own words. Mrs. Chaudhary announces the winner. Zara gets sad as she does not win the beauty pageant, but Rohini wins the title of the ‘most beautiful dress’. Mrs’ Chaudhary announces 50,000 rs cheque for Rohini’s designer and asks her come on stage. Arzoo gets happy and goes on the stage. Sahir goes to the factory. Goon shows him truck with glass cylinder and says it will burn the factory into ashes. Arzoo introduces herself as Arzoo, Nausheen’s daughter. Mrs. Chaudhary talks to Nausheen. They were old friends.

Mrs. Chaudhary gets very impressed with Aarzoo for having designed it and offers her an internship in her fashion house in Mumbai. Arzoo accepts the offer. Sahir burns the factory and walks out. Arzoo and her family get happy looking at the prize money. Neighbour informs Nausheen about the factory burning into ashes. Nausheen cries. Arzoo consoles her mom. Sahir gets happy reading the news about factory.

Sahir’s mother calls Nausheen and invites all of them for dinner. Arzoo asks Nausheen to go with family. Nausheen reaches the place. MLA’s wife tells that Nausheen come with her daughter’s alliance for Sahir. Aarzoo takes some gifts for Sahir’s mom and her family. Sahir’s mom gives the flight tickets to Aarzoo’s for Mumbai and says they are leaving the very next day. Arzoo’s family comes to drop her at the airport. She gets a teary eyed farewell at the airport from her family. Sahir looks at her. Keep reading.