Sharda comes to office and turns loss into a profit; Shanaya eats BP’s tablet to blame Sakshi; Sakshi and Karan get happy thinking Sakshi’s pregnancy in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda takes the blame on herself for Diya’s condition. Latika talks to her rudely and asks her to go to office. She tells her that she will take care of her daughter well. Shanaya apologizes to Sharda and pretends to be sad. Sharda tells her that it was her mistake and asks her not to get sad. Shanaya thinks now Sharda won’t go to office. Sharda decides not to go to office. Sakshi comes and tells her that it was not her mistake. She asks her to go for Papa. Sharda gets tears in her eyes. Diya comes and asks her to go to office and tells her that she is fine now. Sharda agrees. Dadi makes her eat sweet curd. Latika gets upset. Shanaya gets an idea. Shanaya comes to Latika and apologizes to her. She tells her that she feels sorry for her as her mom doesn’t love you. She tries to fill Latika’s ears against Sharda. Sakshi listens to her and asks her to come for some work.


Sharda reaches the office. Suresh welcomes her. He gives her the decision making power for their company. Sharda smiles seeing her new desk. Sakshi confronts Shanaya about her doings and promises to get her punished. Shanaya is shocked. Sakshi asks her, how she will leave without money. Shanaya is angry. Manager informs Suresh about consignment return. Suresh asks him to sell it or scrap them. Sharda gives him an idea and says they shall color the sarees and get some embroidery work done then they can sell it in retail market. Suresh gets surprised at her wit and asks her to manage the order. She suggests Suresh to ask Karan to join them again. Suresh tells her that he will talk to her.


Sakshi makes Shanaya work. Sakshi tells Karan that she gave punishment to Shanaya for making Latika go against Sharda. Sakshi punishes her. Sharda and Suresh return home. Dadi asks Suresh about Sharda’s day at work. Suresh praises Sharda. Sharda goes to see Diya. Shanaya thinks to teach a lesson to Sakshi and eats 4-5 BP tablets of Dadi. Sakshi informs Sharda about Shanaya’s punishment. Sharda is shocked and says she shouldn’t have done this.


Suresh asks Karan to join his company again. Latika gets angry saying Sharda wants to give her position to Karan and goes inside. Shanaya faints. Doctor checks her and says she must have over worked. Shanaya complains to Suresh that she is being ill treated at home and blames Sakshi. Sharda asks her to apologize. Sakshi apologizes to her. Sharda asks Sakshi to be away from Shanaya as she is her responsibility. Shanaya decides to teach her a lesson.


Suresh comes to see Shanaya. She makes him feel guilty. Suresh feels guilty and thinks he couldn’t able to take care of her properly. Sharda brings milk for Shanaya and assures her that no one will tell her anything. Suresh talks to his mom about Sharda. He gets a call from his office seeking Sharda’s opinion about the ruined consignment. Suresh gets irked and asks him to bring the consignment to the office.


Sakshi hears Shanaya talking her friend about taking BP medicines to faint. Sakshi decides to keep quiet. Sharda wakes up and sees Suresh standing at the window. He tells her that Shanaya is missing Pallavi a lot. Sharda promises to take care of her. Sakshi tells everything to Karan. Karan gets angry and decides to expose Shanaya. Shanaya plans against Sakshi.


Shanaya keeps her dress under the hot iron and it gets burnt. She blames Sakshi for it. Sakshi says she didn’t do anything. Karan and Sakshi tell the truth to everyone. Shanaya acts innocent. Sakshi asks her to swear on her mother’s name and tell the truth. Shanaya accepts her mistakes and tells Suresh that she is becoming bad without her mom. She apologizes to them and swears on Sharda’s head that she won’t repeat the mistake. Karan removes her hand from Sharda’s head as he knows she is acting.


Sharda takes Shanaya’s side and tries to protect her. Suresh feels Sharda is protecting Shanaya every time and this is not right. He decides to bring them on the right path. Manager comes home and tells Sharda that he got the consignment in the office. Sharda gives him instructions to turn ruined fabric into a saleable one. Suresh is surprised. Shanaya tries to trouble Sakshi, but she stays calm. Sakshi tells Karan that she might be pregnant. Karan gets happy. Shanaya gets upset and thinks Sharda will pamper Sakshi if she gets pregnant.


Meeta calls Suresh and then Sharda for a project. She fixes a meeting with Sharda. Suresh wonders whether she wants to work only with Sharda. Suresh asks Sharda to handle a meeting with a client. Sharda tells him that she knows that he wants to keep her away from meeting Meeta tomorrow. Suresh is speechless. Keep reading.