Sharda gets an order from Meeta, Suresh visits his second wife in Sony’s EK Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Suresh comes home to get the file. Sharda thanks him for gifting her the necklace. Suresh gets shocked. He tells her that his client asked him to give her the gift worth 15 lakhs rupees, but he brought the necklace for Rs 20 lakhs. Sharda gets happy. He calls the jeweller and scolds him for sending the necklace home instead of his office. Sakshi and Karan reach the engagement party and mingles with her friends. Karan gives company’s visiting cards to Sakshi’s friends. Sakshi friend mom Meeta praises the saree. Sakshi calls Sharda and tells her that her design is being appreciated.

Suresh thinks Karan would not have publicize about his company and scolds him. He gets a greeting card from Meeta praising Sharda’s design and requesting her to meet her. Suresh gets jealous and scolds Sharda for doing business. He insults Sharda. He says, he wants to do business with Meeta and won’t send Sharda to meet her. Sakshi tells him that she sent the saree designs to Meeta. Latika scolds Sakshi and asks Karan to control his wife. Suresh insults Sakshi. He tells them not to ruin his name which he earned after years of hardwork. Karan too doesn’t support Sakshi this time.

Sakshi apologizes to Sharda. Sharda says, she doesn’t want to do business as Sureesh dislikes it. Karan tells Sakshi that how can she expect Sharda to design Sarees for a business tycoon like Meeta. Sakshi explains him that Sharda have to see the outer world and she can’t be confined to the house. Karan realizes his mistake and apologizes to Sakshi. Sakshi tells her plan to Karan.

Karan and Sakshi tries to convince Sharda to meet Meeta once. Sakshi makes her understand that she can’t run away. Sakshi tells her that she mailed sarees pics to Meeta, so she invited her. She asks her to face the world with courage. She gives Meeta’s address, asks her to meet Meeta once and take a final decision. Sharda decides to meet Meeta and informs her family. Suresh and Latika get shocked. Suresh and Latika speak about their respect. Sharda asks Suresh to come with her. He asks her to go alone and gets insulted by Meeta. Lathika too refuses to go with her. Sharda asks Karan and Sakshi to come, but they have commitments.

Sakshi tells Karan that she wants mom to be confident and that’s why refused to go with her. She wants her to face the world alone. Karan and Sakshi hug each other. Sharda is in dilemma whether to go alone or not. Sharda prepares breakfast. Sakshi asks Dadi to help her. Dadi agrees. Dadi convinces Sharda to go alone. Suresh is surprised to see Sharda ready to go to Meeta’s office. He gets angry and asks her if she is going to meet Meeta. Latika tells her that Meeta is an arrogant lady. Suresh asks her to change her saree before going. Karan and Karan get happy. Sharda goes to change. Sakshi asks her to be confident.

Sharda is in her car and rehearsals speaking to Meeta. She reaches her office and is asked by the receptionalist to sit. Sharda thinks everyone is talking in English and Suresh was right. Meeta sees her and takes her to her cabin. Meeta asks her name. She says Sharda. Meeta gives her cheque and asks her to design Patola sarees for her daughter’s wedding.

Suresh and Latika think that Sharda might be insulted by now. They come home. Sharda comes home. Suresh tells her that he came early to know how much she insulted him in front of Meeta. Sharda says she got an order. Meeta asked her to design patola saree for her daugther’s wedding. Suresh and Lathika are shocked. Karan and Sakshi gets happy. Suresh asks how much money Meeta is giving her for the saree and asks if she knows the price of patola saree. Sharda is speechless. She gives him a cheque. Lathika checks it and is surprised to see a blank cheque. Karan hugs Sharda. Dadi encourages Sharda. Sharda takes Dadi’s blessings.

Sakshi applies vermillion on Sharda’s forhead and says she won a battle today. Sharda thanks Sakshi and Dadi for supporting her. Sakshi asks her to make the saree. Sharda tells her about Vrat Savitra puja. She says it is her duty to pray of Suresh’s health. Sakshi asks to tell about Vrat savitri pooja. Sharda says women fast whole day for men’s long life and pray at the evening. Dadi commands Latika to fast as well. Latika agrees hesitantly.

Sharda informs Suresh about the puja. He gets a message and cancels his appointments at the office. He tells her that he have to go somewhere and asks her to pack his bags. Sharda tells him that she will keep the fast for him. He says, he doesn’t have time for these rituals and it happens every year. Karan feels bad for Sharda. Sakshi cheers him up. She tells him that he is a good son. She informs him that she is keeping the fast for his love life. Karan says, it doesn’t matter to him. Sakshi says, she will keep it.

Sharda asks Suresh to attend the puja atleast. Suresh agrees. He goes with Karan to the airport. Karan says, he will park his car and come. Suresh asks him to go. After Karan leaves, Suresh takes an taxi instead of going inside the airport and leaves. At the breakfast table, Karan refuses to eat citing bad stomach. Sakshi goes angrily. Karan tells her that he has kept the fast for her. Sakshi is moved by his gesture. Sakshi gets emotional and hugs him. Keep reading.