Sharda shaken with Suresh’s betrayal, moves out of house to make her own identity in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

In Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Sharda gets devastated and hurt after Pallavi shows her marriage certificate and tells her that she is Suresh’s first wife. She tells Sharda that your identity is only Sharda and not of Mrs. Sharda Modi. Suresh tells Sharda that Pallavi is his first wife. Pallavi leaves. Latika confronts Suresh for calling her mom as his second wife. Suresh thinks one day Latika will understand him and goes to Pallavi’s house. Sharda goes to her room silently and closes the door. All the family members urge her to open the door. Sharda recalls Pallavi’s words and gets tears in her eyes. Karan swears to send Suresh to jail if anything happens to his mom. Sakshi tells him that Sharda isn’t that weak to take such an extreme step.

Sakshi talks to Sharda from outside of the room. She tells her that she is their strength. She says, don’t let us break. She reminds her that after getting married, she got a friend in her before she made relation with Karan. She requests her to open the door. Sharda opens the door. Sakshi hugs her. Karan and Latika hug her too. Suresh comes to meet Pallavi, but she wasn’t at home. She calls someone asking to come to Mumbai soon. Sakshi, Latika, Karan and Dadi build confidence in Sharda. Suresh calls on Pallavi’s number, but her phone is switched off. He comes back to Modi house.

Sharda burns their pics shocking Suresh. He asks, were you planning to burn the whole house? Sharda replies that that has been done already. Suresh tells her that he has given her everything, then why she is making an issue. He leaves the room. Karan decides to leave the house and asks Sakshi to support him. He takes Sharda’s blessings. He tells his mom that he will find a job and house soon and will take them from here. Suresh asks, did he understand what he said. Karan replies that he can’t stay with the person who has cheated his mom. Suresh points that Sharda is his wife first. Suresh tells him that it is not easy to get a job. Karan challenges him that he will break his ego. Suresh lgets angry.

Latika argues with Karan and says it is not easy to get a job. Karan is adamant on his decision. Sharda gives blessings and says he will get a job soon. Karan tells her that he is going alone as of now. They hug each other. Dadi comes to Suresh and confronts him. She asks him, can’t he see his family breaking. He assures her that nothing will happen like that. He says, Karan cannot do anything on his own. Dadi gets sad seeing her family break.

Sakshi packs Karan’s bags and gets emotional. Dadi asks Karan to stay till his dada’s death anniversary. Karan agrees. Dadi asks Karan to perform the puja instead of Suresh. Suresh gets hurt. Karan comes down to leave the house. Sharda packs her bags and decides to leave the house with Karan. Suresh tells her that your identity is with me. Outside world won’t welcome you. She questions him, what is your identity. Suresh Modi Or Mahesh Ajmera. Suresh is speechless. Sharda, Sakshi and Karan start leaving. Dadi gets a heart attack. Everyone come back to her.

Doctor comes and checks Dadi. He says, she got a mild attack and will be fine. Suresh keeps on calling Pallavi, but her number is switched off. Pallavi talks to the lawyer about the papers. She plans to give the papers to Modi family herself. Suresh gets pained to see his mother in pain. Karan tells him that the whole family is suffering today because of your mistake. Dadi apologizes to Sharda. Sharda says, she did a mistake as she didn’t think about her. She asks her not to cry.

Pallavi comes to meet Suresh. Sakshi stops her. She confronts her. Pallavi tells her that she came to see Mahesh’s mom. Sakshi stops her again and says you don’t have any relation with this house, but only with papa. Suresh comes outside. Pallavi gives him bouquet for his mom and also gives him legal papers. Suresh gets shocked to read that. Pallavi leaves. Suresh follows her. Sakshi, Latika and Karan read the papers which clearly states that all of their dad’s property will go to his first wife. Everyone is shocked.

Sakshi says that they don’t want any right on anything in this house. Sharda agrees with Sakshi. and says if I have no right on him only, then I don’t want anything that belongs to him. Latika wonders what will happen to their business. She thinks, she wont let Pallavi snatch it so easily. Suresh stops Pallavi and says you should have understand that mom is unwell and brought this notice. She asks him to understand his priorities well else she don’t want to visit the police station. Latika talks to Suresh about business. Pratik questions her why you are supporting him. She tells him that she can’t let Pallavi get all the property. They argues about right and wrong.

Chirag comes home and meets Dadi. Sakshi suggests they shall go out for sometime. They all are about to go, just then Pallavi comes and says they all will have to leave now. Everyone is shocked.

She tells them that she wont spare her right on Mahesh / Suresh’s offices, homes and properties as he has built all this by the money given by my dad. Everyone is shocked. She calls her son Aarav. Aarav shows them the door and asks them to leave. Pallavi tells them that you all will have to go as only I, my son and my husband would stay here. Latika argues with her. Pallavi shuts her mouth. Pallavi calls herself the rightful owner of all the things that are related with Mahesh. Pallavi taunts them for their old thinking.

Sakshi tells her that a house isn’t made by walls and roof, but it is actually a temple where God resides in each corner. Every relation made in here is chaste and unbreakable. She taunts Sharda. Sharda tells her that you and your son can stay here. She leaves with Sakshi. Latika tells Sharda that she wont let anyone snatch their rights. Sharda says, she can understand Pallavi’s pain.

Aarav forcefully takes Chirag’s room. Suresh asks Pallavi what she is doing here. She talks about her rights as a wife. You will have to bear the brunt of your mistakes. He doesn’t like it. Chirag sleeps on the couch in Karan’s room. Karan decides to leave tomorrow itself. Sakshi supports him.

Sharda talks to Chirag and tell him that she will call him once Karan gets a job and a house. Chirag gets emotional. Latika tries to convince Sakshi to stay at home. Sharda explains to Latika that money can be earned again but self respect can never be regained once you lose it. Latika asks her to come to her house. Sharda refuses. Latika doesn’t want Sharda to go. Sharda goes to meet Dadi. Dadi ties rakshasutra on Sharda’s hand. This will save you from any trouble or anything. She asks her to find her own identity. Dadi gives her blessings.

Sharda, Sakshi and Karan leave the house, while Pallavi watches it. Pallavi asks the servant and tells her to replace Sharda’s photos with the ones she will given her. Pallavi puts the Ganpati idol in the temple and seems happy. Suresh asks for his files. She replies him bluntly. Suresh recalls Sharda taking care of his every need without any problem. Sharda, Sakshi and Karan come to their new house. Sharda says, she didn’t think she would leave the house this way. Sharda seeks blessings from Ma Saraswati to bless her kids always. She prays to God that her old identity was given to her after her wedding but now she will have to find her new identity.

Sharda brings necessary items for the house. Sharda explains her that they should make list of the necessary items for the month first and then bring the items. Sharda recalls that it is the time for medicines for Dadi and decides to call her. Suresh picks the call. Sharda is speechless and then tells that she is on the call. Keep reading.