Suparna and Ankita plan against Saanchi and Dhruv in Sony’s Jee Le Zara

Saanchi and Dhruv got married after overcoming so many troubles. They are now facing vamps and villains. Ankita is taking revenge from Dhruv for marrying Saanchi instead of her. Her sister Suparna is helping her in her revenge and her mission to seperate Dhruv and Saanchi. Yash throws Party in honour of Dhruv. Suparna plans to insults Saanchi and moves her leg so that Saanchi falls down, but she herself falls down from the chair. She blames Saanchi for her condition. Next morning, Suparna reads the Newspaper and sees Ankita and Dhruv’s photo as Mrs and Mr Dhruv Goel. She laughs with happiness. She plans to lessen Saanchi’s happiness and peace. She asks her servant to give the newspaper to Saanchi, but she doesn’t see the photo.

Later Saanchi’s brother Pradeep comes to Goel’s house and meets Saanchi. He asks for money on the pretext of farm business. Saanchi tells him that she will give the money to Deepali as she doesn’t have money as of now. Pradeep sees Dhruv and Ankita’s photo and congrats Saanchi. He meets Anway and irritates him by calling him relative. Anway asks him to be away from him.

Saanchi is shocked to see Ankita and Dhruv’s photo posing as husband and wife. She is shell shocked and hurt. She shows the newspaper to Dhruv and tells him that it is very irresponsible behavior of media to publish the wrong news. Dhruv gets angry on her and blames her for the same. He tells her that Ankita was with him throughout the party and she was busy attending the guests and don’t have time for him, that’s why Media misunderstood Ankita to be his wife. Saanchi is still annoyed and they have a show down. Saanchi tells him that he is behaving immaturely. Dhruv gets very much upset with her.

She gets phone calls from her family and friends asking her about Ankita’s photo with Dhruv. Saanchi tells them that it was a misunderstanding on part of Media. Ankita smirks looking at Saanchi’s tension. She comes to her and asks her to forget it. She indirectly taunts her. Isha scolds Dhruv as he questions her about her meeting with another lawyer. Isha asks her to mind his own business.

Saanchi comes for Holika dahan. Neena asks her about Dhruv. Saanchi says, he will be coming soon. Suparna taunts Saanchi. Dhruv comes. Saanchi gets surprised. They perform the rituals and prays for each other. Dhruv comes back and sleeps on the couch. Saanchi asks him to sleep on the bed instead. Dhruv closes his eyes and pretends to be sleeping. He doesn’t talk to Saanchi. Saanchi thinks, she will never fight with him. In the morning, she tries to woo him but Dhruv doesn’t talk to her.

Everyone gather for the holi celebration party. Saanchi comes down. Suparna asks her about Dhruv. Saanchi lies saying he is working. Neena senses tension between them. She comes to Dhruv and makes him understand that it is Saanchi’s first holi after marriage and therefore it is his responsibility to make her happy. Dhruv agrees to come. He gets Aaji and Nani’s call. They tell her that Saanchi didn’t celebrated holi since her parents demise.

Suparna thinks Dhruv will not come because of the fight and tells that colors will fade away from her life. Dhruv comes and shouts for Saanchi. Everyone turn to see him. He runs towards her with colors in his hand. Ankita tries to apply holi on him but he ducks and goes to Saanchi. He applies holi color on her. Saanchi is touched and happy. They wish each other a happy holi. Suparna is shocked that everything get back to normal at their side. Suparna makes Saanchi and Dhruv eat the bhaang puris and laddoos. They get drunk and dance on the song Balam Pichkari……., Yash feels insulted. Neena tells him that it is holi day.

Yash’s client praises Saanchi and Dhruv and tells him that this is holi spirit. He praises his family. Neena asks him, if he is happy as the client is happy with Saanchi. Yash leaves in anger. He still feels that Saanchi is not right for Dhruv.

Suparna stops Saanchi and engages her in her words. She takes her near the water and pushes her, but she herself falls in the water. She accuses Saanchi for pushing her. Ankita testimony against Saanchi. Saanchi says, she tried to push me but she herself falls down. Everyone are shocked. Keeping reading Jee Le Zara.