Vanshaj: Mohit Kumar aka Neil explains the reason behind his deep-rooted hatred towards Mahajans in the show

Sony SAB’s family drama, Vanshaj takes the audience on an exciting journey through the world of a legacy business empire. Recently, the show introduced Mohit Kumar as Neil, harboring a deep-rooted hatred towards Mahajans. Yuvika (played by Anjali Tatrari) and Neil’s paths have crossed earlier in Rishikesh and they meet once again when Yuvika moves to the Mahajan house, and now it seems with the reentry of Neil in Yuvika’s life, some exciting twists and turns are expected to lay ahead in the upcoming storyline.

Talking about his twisted relationship with the Mahajans, Mohit Kumar said, “My character Neil is Vidur’s (Aliraza Namdar) rebellious son. He shares a unique bond with his father, although they mean the world to each other, their loyalties differ. While Vidur is the esteemed right-hand man of the Mahajan family, known for his unwavering loyalty throughout the years, Neil harbors a deep-rooted hatred towards Mahajans. Neil’s relationship with the Mahajans is complex because he believes they have wronged his father.”

Speaking about his rebellious nature against the Mahajan family Mohit continued, “Neil’s rebellious nature is a powerful force that shapes his interactions with the Mahajan family, creating a captivating dynamic within the show. With deep-seated resentment and a strong sense of injustice, Neil’s emotional journey is fueled by his father’s unfortunate experiences at the hands of the Mahajans. Living alongside his father in an outhouse, he carries an intensifying dislike towards the Mahajans, firmly convinced that they have exploited his father’s vulnerability.”

Further elaborating on the drama his character is going to be bringing on the show, Mohit added, “In the upcoming episodes, my character is set to take a thrilling turn, introducing new layers to the storyline. His dynamics with other characters on the show promise to add a complex and intriguing element as the audience delves deeper into Neil’s past and unravels the reasons behind his hatred towards the Mahajans, especially Dhanraj. With this development, Neil’s character will bring forth unexpected twists and emotional conflicts, further enriching the show’s overall narrative.”

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