ZEE5’s Badnaam Gali has a strong message in support of SURROGATE MOTHERS

MUMBAI: Household chores or a high work load at your job? Functions at home or meetings at office? Obedient and docile or a malicious daughter-in-law? These questions are a topic of discussion for every other woman in India even today.

It is a known fact that earlier, women were not given more prominence and were not exposed to the outer world. But today, due to the rapid increase in the technology and education, the scenario has changed completely. Women are more empowered today.

Society has created certain barriers for women to stop them from engaging in particular activities. It have also formed a few perceptions of homemakers and many about married working women.

A homemaker should get up early, perform prayers, take care of the family, do household chores, etc. A working woman is not an ideal daughter-in-law. Every family expects their daughters-in-law to be at home and spend their time in house work. However, now, there are many examples of real-life heroes who balance their homes and jobs to perfection.

A common perception, or misconception, that people hold even today is that women should be back home by a certain time. A lot of families even stop their girl child from wearing short dressing. Society instructs women to be more careful instead of teaching men to be responsible.

A very recent incident is ample evidence of this. A lady at a mall was video taped while she made a statement that ‘girls who wear short clothes should be raped’.

Working women are independent and can even easily manage all aspects of their lives financially. Then why are they caged in the kitchen?

A woman works hard to gain recognition and acceptance from the time she is born. While today, some are open to the thought of having a girl child, there are many families who only ‘adjust’ when a girl baby is brought home. She grows up with rules drastically different from those that ‘govern’ boys.

A woman has the complete right to make her choices, whether in her professional live or her personal one.

Along these lines, ZEE5 has launched Badnaam Gali, the story of a girl who brings ill repute to the lane she lives in because she chooses to become a surrogate mother. While people look down upon her and judge her because of her happy-go-lucky nature and positive attitude towards life, a young Punjabi boy happens to cross paths with her and realizes that people have judged her incorrectly.

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