Zeenat comes out of coma, shocks Sahir and Arzoo in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Sahir gets married to Arzoo in the dargah and brings her home. Maulvi Saheb informs everyone about their wedding and asks them to congrats the couple. Everyone wonders about Arzoo choosing Sahir over Zaki. Kurti Apa thinks Sahir was not like this before and was waiting for Zeenat. Anam asks her to forget Zeenat as she is in USA for her treatment. Zara tells Myra that it is good Arzoo selected Sahir over Zaki as he is more handsome, rich and hand working. Alvira tells the guests that Arzoo has chosen Sahir. Sahir too has the right to be happy and Arzoo’s decision is right. Zaki is seen sitting in the dargah and is completely devastated.

Sahir brings Arzoo to his room and makes her lie on the bed. Arzoo gets up from bed. Sahir says I told you that you will marry me. Arzoo says I also said that I will die, but won’t marry you. Sahir says you proved to be wrong. Arzoo says I am also not wrong. She says old Arzoo is dead and she is new Arzoo who agreed for this business deal. Arzoo thinks everyone is wondering why I agreed to become Sahir’s second wife. She says I will tell you.

A Flashback is shown. A function starts for Arzoo and Zaki’s marriage. Arzoo and
Zaki sit for their marriage. Maulvi Saheb asks Arzoo, do you accept this Nikaah? Before Arzoo can speak, Sahir shouts to stop the Nikaah. He holds Arzoo’s hand and takes her to his room. Everyone is shocked. He says I accept that I betrayed you, didn’t tell you that I am already married. I have the courage to face the truth. He shows the fake DNA report proving Zaki to be Samaira’s child father. Zaki tears the report and says I don’t know that you will stoop so low. Sahir says truth will not change and the reality is that you are Samaira’s baby father. He says Zaki will make Arzoo, new Samaira. He proves that Zaki bribed the lab technician to make fake DNA report before. Arzoo believes on Sahir’s words and leaves. Zaki is shocked.

Arzoo refuses to marry Zaki and cries hugging her mother. Nausheen tells her that Zaki has love in his eyes for her. She asks her to trust her friend. Arzoo says Sahir is trapping you yet again and asks her not to get trap in his net. Arzoo says Zaki lied to me. Zaki says Sahir got the fake report made and he is ready to get the test done whereever she wants. Arzoo doesn’t believe him. Farha comes to Nausheen and demands her money. She accuses Arzoo for trapping Sahir and Zaki. Arzoo asks her not to shout else she will not give her a single penny. She says I will give you money, but needs some time. Farha agrees.

Sahir holds Arzoo’s hands and takes her to his room. He agrees to give her money and asks her to tell the amount. Arzoo refuses to marry him. Arzoo requests Zara to give her money to Farha. Zara refuses. She asks her not to try to make her Arzoo. Myra tells Arzoo that Sahir gave money to Ammi. He told that he is giving the money as loan. Arzoo asks Nausheen, why did you take money from Sahir.

Myra accuses her for not marrying Zaki and making them suffer financially. Nausheen cries and tries to commit suicide, but Arzoo and Myra stop her. Sahir sprinkles kerosence on the outhouse walls and orders Arzoo to marry him. Arzoo asks him to leave her hand. Sahir asks about her decision. He ignites the fire. Arzoo gets shocked and screams. She slaps him hard. She runs inside and finds no one. Sahir says no one is inside now, but may be next time. If you want to increase their life then marry me. Arzoo is shocked. She says you said right that this world is run by the rich people. She says Arzoo will always lose and Sahir will always win, so that’s why this Arzoo will have to die. You are marrying me for Rahman Saheb’s wealth and I am marrying you for your wealth. My motive will be only money now. He agrees and shakes hand with her. Arzoo thinks she will have immense wealth so that her loves ones will never be poor anymore.

Nausheen questions Arzoo about her decision. Arzoo says I will have wealth after marrying Sahir then you won’t have any trouble. Nausheen says you can’t do this. Arzoo says she will marry him. Flashback ends. Arzoo is lying on the bed and says this is my story of becoming second wife. Sahir brings balm for her and sits on the bed. Arzoo asks him to stay away from her. Arzoo gets pained and closes her eyes. She wipes her tears angrily and tries to take out the jewellery angrily. Sahir asks her to stop fighting with him. He takes off the bangles and then takes off her jewellery. He helps her in changing the dress.

Kurti Apa tells Alvira that kayamat will come on this house. Alvira says nothing will happen. Sahir applies an ointment on Arzoo’s foot. Arzoo feels relieved. Nausheen thinks why she agreed to marry Sahir? Myra says Arzoo always loved Sahir. Alvira gives an anklet to Arzoo and asks her to wear it when she gets fine. Sahir says he is giving a house to Arzoo on Nausheen’s name in Lucknow. Arzoo takes the house papers. A masked killer comes to kill Zeenat in the hospital and takes out a knife. Zeenat opens her eyes and comes out of coma, when he is about to stab her. Rahman Saheb asks Sahir to see the design of the card. He applauds for him for separating Zaki with Arzoo. Sahir says they will get married soon.

Kurti Apa tells him that someone attacked on Zeenat and she is not well. She asks him to bring Zeenat back to the city. She accuses Alvira for bringing Kayamat by getting Sahir married to Arzoo. She says if something happens to her Zeenat then she will not spare anyone. Sahir gets thinking. Sahir is talking on phone about Zeenat’s arrival back home. Arzoo thinks he is hiding something from her. Kurti Apa tells Sahir that she saw a mud pot broken with rice and lemon in it. She says someone is doing black magic on her. Keep reading.