Jhanak Fan Fiction: Jhanak giving Srishti a REALITY CHECK on being called a ‘MAID’ becomes the highlight of the episode

MUMBAI : In Jhanak, the newest series on Star Plus, Hiba Nawab plays the title character, Chandani Sharma plays Arshi, and Krushal Ahuja plays Anirudh.

With its gripping plot, this captivating series is sure to fascinate viewers. The captivating story draws the audience in, making for an exciting and memorable viewing experience. The gripping plot twist is guaranteed to keep viewers glued to their seats, engrossed in the drama developing and curious about how these crucial events will determine the characters’ futures.

Arshi and Shrishti will be extremely displeased with Jhanak’s performance on stage and will devise a scheme to degrade her. Jhanak’s sudden fame will be short-lived, as Shrishti will pull it all down when she declares that Jhanak has won the lottery and is just Anirudh’s maid.

Jhanak will now begin to cry as Shrishti humiliates him whenever possible.

Arshi will now tell the public and media that Jhanak’s mother committed suicide, that she had a difficult life before being famous, and that she is grateful to the corporation for its large-scale promotion of social work. Here, Jhanak will speak out for herself. She will bravely pick up the microphone, start speaking in English, and make everyone proud of what she has accomplished.

The show’s audience is incredibly proud of the female lead since she’s not just sobbing while sitting in a corner, but despite her duty, she responds appropriately to those who attempt to undermine her.

Here’s what they had to share:

Agastya Arya expresses, “The whole society is not like the Basus and Mukherjee’s. Not a single clap after that nonsense speech that shows people are more mature and know the difference between the good and bad.”

Nila Bakshi mentions, “I really love the way she thanked Aniruddh. #Runak is my favourite.”

Tenzin Bedi avers, “Bravo to Jhanak and I am proud of Aniruddh and Choton to support Jhanak. Srishti needed that reality check that she is a maid in just her mind and because she has said nothing doesn’t make her a maid in actuality.”

Tamia Bhatia shares, “Aniruddh is the character I can relate to the most. I sometimes pity him. Also, Jhanak acknowledging and thanking Choton for his unwavering support when no one had probably ever appreciated him or any of his efforts was so emotionally projected. I am very glad Jhanak did it. The look of content on Ani’s face was worth watching as well.”

Anjali Burman says, “Absolutely loved today’s episode. Srishti got the taste of her own medicine. Absolutely hilarious and she deserved it! It was the highlight of the episode and I hope more such instances keep coming in.”

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