Rawat ji gifts his sword to Pratap; Changezi attacks Pratap underwater; Pratap overpowers and kills him; Ajabde comes to meet him in Sony’s Maharana Pratap.

In Maharana Pratap, Pratap smells his hand and rubs the rose petals on his hands to get rid of smell. He gives the task to Chakrapani to find out about … Read More

Uma Devi gets fake kundli of Ajabde made; Panditji suggests Phool to marry Pratap first; Pratap unveils the truth and gets engaged to Ajabde in Sony’s Maharana Pratap.

In Maharana Pratap, Rukaiyya and Akbar’s mom asks Akbar to stop Bairam Khan’s execution. His mom reminds him about Bairam Khan doings and sacrifices for the state. Akbar starts thinking. … Read More

Bunty brings Rama aunty home; Bunty and Sagarika meet in Pappu’s wedding; Sagarika forced to do the rituals unwillingly in Sony’s new offering Hum Hain Na

Hum Hain Na is a story of Bunty and Sagarika, set in Banaras. Sagarika comes to Banaras after staying in London for 5 years. Her cousin asks her what kind … Read More