I’m personally raising funds – Vaishali Takkar on Kerala’s flood

MUMBAI: Actor Vaishali Takkar playing lead in Super Sisters is leaving no stone unturned to help out the victims of the Kerala floods. The actor got in touch with the organisations helping out and made a contribution. “As soon as I got the news, i searched for the authorized people who I can send my contribution to,” she says.

The actor has also been collecting funds to send to the affected areas. “And I am also personally raising funds from friends and family to help out. I feel that whatever we do for the victims is less compared to the tragedies that they are witnessing every day,” she says.

She adds, “Everyone who can must stand for the relief of flood victims. It barely costs us anything, but will be worth saving lives of many. As citizens, we all should contribute as much as we can. I feel if all of us unite in our efforts of helping the victims out, we can make a big difference to their lives. I know that we all are busy, but we can take out the time to do our bit”

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