‘Kuzey Guney’ to soon air in India!

Turkish show “Kuzey Guney”, which narrates the story of two brothers, will head to the Indian small screen via Zindagi!

Turkish Show Kuzey Guney will be going on-air in December! The show narrates the story of two brothers and will head to the Indian small screen via Zindagi. Zindagi first brought Pakistani shows to India and now will be airing Turkish Drama! The dates are not confirmed yet but Fans are excited to see the show!

The show stars Kivanc Tatlitug as Kuzey, Gurga Gulsoy and Ouky Karayel as Creme Cayak. Kuzey is a bold, spontaneous and aggressive person while Guney is calm, patient, level-headed and academically bright. The only thing common between the two is their passionate love for Cayak!
This love triangle drama will be super fun to watch!

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