Modi family celebrates Janmasthami festival; Suresh requests Sharda to join his business which she accepts; Shanaya tries to stop Sharda by using Diya in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

Last week in Ek Nayi Pehchaan, Pallavi dies after making Suresh realize his mistakes. She wished to see Suresh and Sharda to unite and wanted everyone to live in the house like a one big family. One month passes after her death. Dadi asks Sharda to prepare for Janmasthami puja. Sharda thinks otherwise as Pallavi died a month ago. Dadi makes her understand that life doesn’t stop for anyone and Pallavi wanted them to be happy. Sharda agrees as Dadi asked them to do the puja. Shanaya hears it and gets angry. She packs her bags and asks Sharda to give their share of property.


Sharda explains to her that Pallavi wanted them to stay as one big family. She explains to her that she wants her to learn the difference between right and wrong, become mature etc until then she will not give her share of property. Shanaya is shocked. Karan gives a kiss on Sakshi’s cheek making her shy. Suresh talks to Shanaya and asks her to help everyone with the puja preparations. She gets irked.


Sakshi keeps the fast for the puja. Karan teases her. Suresh praises the butter as he thinks it is made by Sharda. Sakshi tells him that she made it. Karan is surprised at Suresh’s changed behavior. Karan reminds him that he insulted Sharda and she doesn’t want anything now. Sharda compliments Sakshi’s laddoos. Suresh tells Sharda hat he never given her respect and thought she got a little extra than what she deserved. He accepts his mistakes and asks her to join his company. Sharda is speechless while Dadi and Sakshi are happy. Suresh tells Sharda that she can make a place for herself in office too. Shanaya is upset.


Karan is happy with Suresh’s changed behavior. Karan and Sakshi share some romantic moments. He goes with Diya to a market to buy a good dress for her. Diya gets happy. Suresh talks to his client Mr. Mathur and accepts all his conditions. Sharda hears them. Suresh tells Latika that his business is failing. Meeta’s secretary comes to Modi house and leaves a letter for Sharda. Suresh feels bad. Sakshi promotes Sharda to take up Suresh’s offer. Shanaya gives Sharda her phone and tells her about Meeta’s secretary coming to their house. She thinks to raise a doubt in Sharda’s mind about Suresh.

Suresh tells Sharda about Meeta’s offer. Sharda tells him that she already refused the offer. He tells her that he has made the arrangement for her seating in office and asks her to consider his offer. Suresh talks to Sakshi and asks her to make Sharda understand. Sakshi nods in a yes. Shanaya tries to fill Sharda’s eyes against Suresh and tells her that he has not changed. Sakshi scolds her and takes Suresh’s side. Sharda tells Sakshi that she knows that Suresh really wants her to join business but she is scared. Sakshi tries to boost her confidence and asks her to take up the offer.


Everyone gather for the puja. Sharda joins Suresh for the puja. Sharda asks God to help her. Sakshi prays God to bless her with a child. Sharda asks him if he is okay if she wears the sarees at office. Suresh gets happy. Sakshi announces that Sharda is joining Papa’s business. Suresh thanks her. They take Dadi’s blessings. Shanaya is upset.
Latika comes to speak to Suresh about some file. Suresh speaks to her about Sharda and says their company will reach new heights because of Sharda. Latika gets upset and thinks the company has become Sharda’s now. Shanaya smirks and thinks of a plan. Sharda gets ready to go to office. Sakshi praises her. Shanaya looks at Diya and thinks to execute her plan to stop Sharda.
Shanaya lures Diya towards the laddoo’s plate kept at the table and asks her to eat it. Diya hesitates as her mom asked her not to eat any sweets. Shanaya promises her that she won’t tell her mom. Diya eats it. Suresh asks Sharda to have breakfast. Diya faints on the floor. Everyone rush to her. Latika notices laddoo on her face. Shanaya calls Prateik and informs him. Prateik comes worrying for his daughter and blames Latika for diya’s condition.


Doctor comes and checks her. Diya wakes up and apologizes to Shanaya for eating so many laddoos. Sharda tries to cover up Shanaya’s doing. Sakshi confronts Shanaya. Shanaya tells her that she doesn’t know Diya is diabetic. Latika slaps Shanaya for playing with Diya’s life. Shanaya asks her to become a good mom first rather than giving lecture to her. Latika asks her to leave the house and asks Sharda to throw her out. Sharda gets shocked and worried. Keep reading.