Aman pulls out the ring from Neha’s finger; Akanksha asks Aman to decide with whom he wants to spend his life with; Aman decides to marry Akanksha for his family’s sake in Sony’s Itti Si Khushi.

In Itti Si Khushi, Sunita sends Neha to Aman’s house. Neha tries the ring which the courier guy brings for Aman’s fiance and gets caught by Dadi. She confesses about Akanksha’s ring getting stuck and apologizes. Dadi scolds Neha. Gayatri worriedly asks her why she wore it. Aman comes home, sees Neha in pain and tries to carefully pull the ring out of Neha’s finger. Dadi warns Neha not to put her hands on that which doesn’t belong to her. Neha promises not to come back here. Aman feels bad. Neha comes home and tells Dida about getting scolded by Aman’s dadi and asks her to keep it a secret. Akanksha discusses with Neeta about Aman and Neha. She says, they know each other since so many years but even if we meet we have nothing to discuss. She decides to talk to Aman once? She calls Aman and fixes the meeting for tomorrow. Dida tells Neha’s parents that they have made a very big mistake and tells everything about Neha’s love for Aman. They get shocked.

Suraj overhears them. Sunita and Anand discuss the impending engagement and how it can affect Neha. Sunita is in tears thinking about Neha. Akanksha informs Sunita that she will be late tonight as she is going to meet Aman in the evening. Neha’s smile fades away. Aman tells Gayatri about his meeting with Akanksha in the evening. Suraj tells Akanksha about Dida’s conversation with Sunita and Anand and gets her thinking. He asks, what will happen to Ninni Bua if her heart break? Aman reaches the meeting point late and apologizes to Akanksha. Akanksha says she wanted to clear a few things.

Neha picks up the boxes of her memories with Aman and walks out of the room. She comes to courtyard and lights the box. She turns and notices Aman and Akanksha together. She panics and tries to hide the burnt box. Aman notices their treasured memories burnt by her and takes them home. He realizes Neha’s love for him and thinks about Akanksha’s words that Neha has always liked you, back when she was 14 years old and today as well when she has returned home after 12 years. She asks him to think with whom he will be more happy with – Neha or her. In the night, Neha comes to the courtyard and finds the box of burnt memories missing. She wonders where it has gone. Aman starts thinking about Neha. Jayanti comes to Aman’s room to keep a paper. She eyes the box curiously. Jayanti opens the box while Aman catches her. She gets shocked.

Aman takes away the box memories from Jayanti’s hands. Jayanti gets irked. Sunita tells Dida Neha’s cooking stint. Dida is sad that she missed it. Anand smiles. Aman gives the guest list to Anand that Gayatri gave it. Akanksha thinks about Aman’s decision and gets tensed regarding the engagement. Aman comes to Agarwal house and greets him. Jayanti points out to Dadi that Aman is hiding something in his cupboard in the morning and says something is fishy. She says she was trying to look at it but he sent me away. Dadi gets curious. Akanksha tells Neeta about her meeting with Aman. Neeta gets shocked. She tells her that you are my bhabhi for me. I have made so many plans and desperately waiting for you to come to our home. Akanksha hopes that Aman think the same thing and feels what she sees in his eyes is something else.

Gayatri realizes Aman is worried and talks to him about it. She tells him that she wishes to see him married soon and without any problem. He looks at her and is in thoughts. Aman calls Akanksha and tells her that he wants to meet her right now and says he has decided. Akanksha gets tensed. He comes to meet her. Suraj tries to reveal Neha’s feelings to Aman unknowingly through some paper. Neha gets worried when Aman begins to open it. She snatches it from him and eats it. He laughs. Akanksha notices Aman’s happiness on seeing Neha.

Aman tells his decision to proceed with the engagement with her. She asks him if he is marrying her for everyone’s sake or for his happiness. Aman says his happiness lies in everyone’s happiness. She reasons that marriage is very different. She asks him to think again and not take decision under any pressure for which you will regret all your life. Aman thinks of her words. Jayanti, Dadi and Gayatri are packing gifts for the Agarwal family. Gayatri tells that she has brought everything for everyone including Neha. Dadi gets irked. Sunita shows some pictures of a few guys to Neha. Neha refuses to get married and calls them uncles. Aman notices the box kept in his cupboard. He smiles again.

Neeta comes to Aman’s room to talk to him about Akanksha and notices him smiling. She asks him will you be happy with Akanksha. Aman’s smile disappears. He replies that Neha is his childhood friend. Neeta tells Aman to think once more. He tells her that he has said yes to Akanksha for marriage asks her to stop asking these useless questions. Suraj comes to tell Dida that he is going out to play cricket. Neha too gets excited and says she will play with him. She hits the ball really well and shouts for a six but Aman catches it. Aman tells the kids that he has to go somewhere so he cannot play. Neha comes to know Aman is their sports teacher. Neha talks to Aman about cricket and life. Keep reading.