Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant

Shantanu (Shaan) Kant is a scientist. He makes a robot for a project with the help of his friend Dev. The robot is named R.A.J.N.I/Rajni (Randomly Accessible Job Network Interface). Shaan is seen in confessing to his mother, Surili, that Rajni is worthy to be his wife. As a result much confusion occurs. But Shaan’s father is impressed by Rajni and wants to make Rajni his daughter-in-law of his house, although Shaan’s mother is against and suspicious about Rajni. She thinks that Rajni wants to marry Shaan for his money. Maggie (Shaan’s sister -in-law) has a grudge against Rajni but Rajni impresses everybody in Shaan’s house except Surili. But Shaan has to keep his mouth shut, he cannot tell everyone that Rajni is a robot and created by him. He can’t reveal the truth because his project is top secret. Then enters Shaan’s sister Shogata who is a carbon copy of her mother Surili and very proud of herself; her boyfriend is Shaan’s boss Makrand a.k.a Mathew (‘Matty’ as Shogata calls him). Shaan’s younger brother Dhyan’s wife Sharmila asks him to get them a separate apartment for which Dhyan bets 50 lac rupees and loses them. Rajni wins the money back for him but that money is of robbery and Rajni goes to jail. Dhyan accepts his mistake and goes to jail. Shaan, Rajni and Dev find proof to save Dhyan and prove him innocent for not robbing the money but it causes a rift between Dhyan and his father Amrish but Rajni turns maid and rejoins the family. Then family starts preparing for Shogata and Mathew’s court marriage but as Mathew thinks that Dev is the robot he always shows interest in him which makes him think that he is homosexual and he asks Rajni to stop the marriage. Rajni tries to convince Amrish and Surili indirectly about Matthew but it is useless. Rajni hacks the marriage registry site and writes that Shogata is married to Devendra Bangdu a.k.a Dev so a huge drama takes place in marriage registry office. Matthew becomes angry and insults Shogata and her family. Shogata slaps him and he swears for revenge.

Matthew asks Shaan for the real robot when he gets to know that Dev is not the robot which leaves Shaan and Dev in a dilemma. There Rajni’s battery becomes low and Kant family think that she’s dead. They bring her to shamshan but Shaan saves her. Shaan’s lab catches fire and he acts in front of Matthew that the robot burnt but then Matthew emotionally blackmails him and makes him sign a contract which says that Shaan has to return his robot. Shaan makes an excuse of his Rajni’s honeymoon in order to take her away from house but faces some problems but finally they depart for their honeymoon but in reality giving Rajni to Matthew. Kants go to registrar office to nullify Dev and Shogata’s marriage but there Dev and Shogata start to argue. The registrar says that the couples which fight the most love each other the most and ask them to come after six months for divorce till then they have to live like husband and wife which irritates them both. There Rajni and Shaan reach their honeymoon destination. But then they are astonished by seeing Dhyaan and Sharmila there in the same resort, having their honeymoon. So they try to make them away from there but their tricks don’t work. Then, the huge clash is when Amrish reach there and see the havoc between Shaan and Rajni and asks Rajni to make him like her.

Rajni is soon delivered to Matthew Sir but Shaan comes to know that Matthew is going to use Rajni for his own purposes of threatening and thefts. But while running, Shaan makes noise and Matthew catches him. Rajni is saved by Shaan also, but at the end moment his suitcase get replaced by Samaira’s(Shiny Doshi) Shaan’s ex-girlfriend. Samaira opens up the suitcase but without knowing whats inside it leave the room to get a new dress. Accidentally Rajni gets activated by the hit of her robotic hand in the suitcase and reassemble herself with the auto assemble programme. Unfortunately she does not have any memory of the past and waits for her creator in the almirah. Shaan tracks Rajin with the help of manual tracker and End up meeting Samaira in her hotel room.

Samaira and Shaan goes on a date where Shaan get to know that samaira is unmarried.They both left for there homes. Then, Samaira and Rajni becomes good friends and Samaira vows to get back Rajni’s memories(as she accidentally hit the vase at Rajni’s head, but actually Rajni’s memory chip was removed by Shaan while he was delivering Rajni to Matthews). As she doesn’t knows Rajni’s name, she calls her Khushi. Samaira takes her to the city hospital. Shaan too reaches them, asking everyone about Rajni. The coconut seller tells him she is at the City Hospital. Shaan goes into the city hospital, thinking Rajni is being admitted there because of her weirdness. He reaches but seeing his angry and weird behavior, the male nurses thinks him the man who was about to be admitted and gives him the shock. Samaira shows Rajni to the doctor. And he advices to make her see the famous landmarks in Mumbai. Samaira thanks the doctor and heads to leave. Meanwhile, the man(the one who said his son to be admitted) comes and the male nurses informs him his son has came. But after looking at the face, he disagrees about that. The doctor and the male nurses asks for apology to Shaan and le him go. In the way, Shaan and Samaira bumps into each other. While Samaira was about to inform Shaan about the circumstances(About Khushi a.k.a Rajni) but Shaan avoids it and says he has a big task(To find Rajni). Samaira and Rajni comes to take vegetables. Meanwhile. At the house, Baba a.k.a the Crow (Surili’s father who reborn as a crow) comes and sits at the tree. Amrish complains and angrily informs about the missing incident of Rajni, and it’s the time to repay everything and every single piece of food and water Rajni used to give and offer. Baba flies away. Meanwhile, Samaira looks at the vegetables and Rajni goes to see the fish next to the vegetable cart. Baba comes and takes one of the fish and flies away. The fisherwoman complains about it and Rajni vows to follow the crow and take back the fish. She then goes to follow the crow with her robotic speed. Baba finally comes to the Kant House. So does Rajni, while Maggie and Surili were wondering about the fish Baba came with. Rajni came and asked for the fish. Surili and Maggie were shocked. Maggie called everyone and they finally gets to know about her memory loss. Meanwhile, Samaira eyes saw Rajni is nowhere to be find. She asks the fisherman and she informs she is following the crow. Samaira thinks if Khushi a.k.a Rajni is lost and fell into wrong people. Scared, she thinks to inform the police. The Police tells, after making the sketch art of Rajni, that he knows Rajni. She helped police in the big robbery and he can take Samaira to her family. Samaira agrees and heads to go with the police to Rajni’s family. Meanwhile, Shaan asks Dev for the memory chip and he struggles to find the memory chip(He lost it while fighting with Shogata). Shaan and argues with him. The family tries hard to make her memory come back, and tries to do past things he did, like thinking Shogata a begger when she first came into the house, and helping Dhyan to get out of the jail and helping police to find the bank robber, and kicking a kalash(a churn) at Surili’s head and etc. But no use. But Shaan told her that Rajni is his wife, and she reluctantly agrees. Finally Samaira, with the cops enters the house, Sharmila is very happy to see her cousin(Samaira) after this 3 years. Samaira is amazed to hear Rajni lives in this house. Surili proudly says she is the daughter-in-law of this house and Shaan’s wife. Samaira is heartbroken. But Surili does things which jealous Samaira like saying Shaan and Rajni shake hands and vow to never leave Shaan like someone did(Samaira) which Samaira was very sad for. They planned a dinner for Samaira, that she helped Rajni in the times of sadness. In the dinner, Samaira sits at the left chair, while Rajni at the right, and Shaan at the between. Surili tells Shaan to sit near Rajni. Shaan says he is sitting near her. But Surili says sit near only Rajni(she means to say not with Samaira). At the end of day Maggie tells rajni that samaira and shaan were very close and tells her to keep his husband to his own rajni agrees and on the patni mode At night shaan came in samaira room and confess his love for her but to his surprise Rajni is sitting there and has slapped him – shaan gets angry and goes away. The next Rajni acts to been vomiting in front of Samaira and shaan and samaira thinks that rajni is pregnant dhyam and shyam gets to know and they tell this to whole family although shan insist that its not conformed and thinks now will a robot is gonna give birth to a robot -while surili changes colour in front of Samaira. It all was because of a report which claimed that someone is pregnant in the house . All’s eye’s went on Rajni as she had vomited. later said it was shogata ,but shogata refued that she was not pregnant with ‘dev the bangdu'(dev calling himself) child.and just then sharmila enters the room (living room) with a stomach pain after a few time in was known that aiswariya is pregnant ,but doesn’t want’s the child as her husband is a durkened.a few episodes later rajin in shaans lab asssembel’s herself . And save’s the kant family from a aciedent .Just before they reach the cliff the kant family reveled soe secrets like at childhoood shogata had a crush on dev, surilli having a punjabi boyfriend before marriage and was not amrish.just when shaans tun came he said”uf all are confessing i would also like to confess something that rajni is not a human but a—” just then rajni comes from behind and stopes the van .later shaan see’s it and contineues “but a goddesss”.

Shaan gets to know that Rajani is asembled by his friend Dev when he visits Shaan’s home & get informed about the situation from the neibour. Police takes the whole family to the police station & interogets Kant family. Police than sent Rajani for full body scan but Rajani manages to clear this scam without leting anyone know the reality.