Bigg Boss 14: Finally! Nikki clears the stance of her relationship with Jaan Sanu

Every season of Bigg Boss there has always been a love story that emerges on the show while some crumble down post the show while some go on for a long time.

This season initially people thought that something might be grooving between Ejaz and Pavitra but the actor made it very clear to Pavitra that they are only friends and need to stop the physical proximity.

On the other hand, Jaan has always expressed his feelings for Nikki and has even confessed that he loves her but, was it said in fun or he really meant is not clear as yet.

Time and again Nikki has said that Jaan is her bhaijaan ( Brother) which irks him and he always moves out of the conversation.

Now we came across a video where Jaan is seen singing a song and Nikki goes and tells him that their friendship is forever and he is not her Bhaijaan but a very good friend of hers and their friendship will go till the end.

Jaan is relaxed at the word friendship and not Bhaijaan and the two hug it out and here begins a bond of true friendship in the house.

It will be interesting to see if this friendship will last in the BB house or will it crumble down amidst the politics and tough situation in the house is what one would have wait and watch for!

In the past, many friendships began in the BB house and then crumbled down at the end where friends turned into foes.

What do you think would this friendship last for a long time or will succumb to the environment of politics in the BB house?

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