Exclusive! Bigg Boss Season 17 : Salman Khan lashes out at Isha Malviya’s father says “Haven’t you thought your daughter any manners”

MUMBAI : Today the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode will be very different as the contestant’s family members would be gracing the show.

Salman Khan would be greeting and interacting with them today and he would be asking how their loved ones have performed in the show.

This week we did how Isha went out of control and targeted Mannara where she said derogatory things to her which didn’t go down well with the audience and the fans of the show.

She has called Mannara a “Bar Dancer” and that’s when Abhishek had told her also what she is telling and to control herself when she is speaking.

This was a topic of discussion where we did see Mannara’s sister Meera taking a stand for her where she said that Isha has a gutter mouth and many other celebrities came in support of Mannara.

During the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode Isha’s dad will come and that’s when Salman Khan will ask him did she see the episode and didn’t he teach his daughter any manners and would reveal the things that she has said.

Well, it will be interesting to see what would be Isha’s dad and the actress on this as the things that came out weren’t good.

Isha in the past episodes has also been pulled up by Salman Khan for targeting Abhishek for no reason and trying to get him out of the game but then luck was on his side and hence he came back on the show.

What do you think Isha and her dad say?

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