Juhi comes to Kapoor Mansion and claims to be Ram’s wife, Ram and Priya decides to get married to ruin her plan in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Pihu and Khush resolve their differences and apologizes to Vikram. Vikram handover the baby to Khush and Pihu and takes promise from them that they won’t fight again and will take care of the baby together. Priya is happy to see them together. Ram comes back home and is elated to see them happily playing with the baby. Priya tells him that she made plan with Vikram and solved Khush and Pihu’s fight. Ram tells her, why she didn’t apply his plan. Priya says, it didn’t work. Ram pulls her leg sweetly and asks her, if she is trying to be superior than him. Priya says no. Ram smiles and gives her a ring. Priya gets happy and smiles.

Mayra informs Khush about the heavy amount debited from their company account. Khush reaches office and comes to know about someone named Chandresh withdrew the money and then closed the account. Juhi and Rajeev plan to become a millionaire with stolen money and praises each other. Khush and Mayra inform Ram about the fraud. Ram says, he knows who can do this. He comes to the bank, where Rajeev and Juhi are depositing his money. He gets Rajeev arrested. Juhi gets shocked.

She accuses Ram for playing with her life for 7 years. Juhi meets Mamaji and asks him to do something to free Rajeev. Vikram sees baby on the video chat later. He gets emotional recalling Sammy. Ram threatens Mamaji that he will take legal action against him. Mamaji says sorry. Juhi comes to meet Priya and shouts at her for putting Rajeev behind bars. Juhi says what she and Ram did to her and Rajeev, they will pay for it. Juhi warns that she will destroy her and Ram’s life.

Pihu sees Juhi going after insulting Priya. She tries to stop Priya. Priya stops Pihu and tells her that Juhi took care of her children for so many years. She asks Pihu to give more importance to the baby. Priya says to Ram that Juhi warned her to take revenge, but she tried to explain her to stay calm. She will ask Ram to bail out Rajeev, but she didn’t hear her. Juhi thinks Ram cannot insult her like that every time. She sacrificed a lot for his family and gave her 8 years to him. She thinks to destroy his family.

Pihu and Khush wish Happy one month birthday to baby. Juhi calls Mamaji and tells him that she will reach Kapoor Mansion for a big blast. While all the family members are happy. Juhi comes to Kapoor Mansion to stay with them. She claims to be Ram’s wife and asks her shares on his property and home. Ram asks her to get out else, he will kick out. Priya gets tensed. Khush and Pihu asks her not to think much about Juhi’s threat. Juhi comes with the lawyer. Lawyer gives court notice to Ram for throwing his wife Juhi out of the house and tells him that Juhi will come after 3 days to stay with him. Ram says, his wife is Priya. Lawyer shows divorce papers to Ram which he reads with surprise. And also shows marriage pics with Juhi. Ram says, he just sat in the mandap. Lawyer says, they have evidence. Ram gets angry. Priya calms him down. Mamaji changes his loyalty to Ram.

Pihu and Priya talk about Juhi’s plan. Pihu asks Priya to think of a solution. Sid tells Ram that Juhi did not let me legalize their marriage as she was married to him. Ram is angry on Juhi and swears to destroy her. Priya asks him to calm down and not to take any tension. Ram asks her to promise him not to leave him. She promises. They hug each other.

Pihu talks to Khush about Juhi’s shameful claims. Khush asks her to be positive. Sid tells Khush that he will use all his contacts to tackle Juhi and will not let her harm Ram and Priya. Khush says, he is proud of him and hugs him. Priya thinks of a plan and shares it with Khush and Pihu. She hopes Ram would agree. Priya, Khush and Sid discuss about Juhi’s plan. Priya tells them that they should do something to make Juhi defeat in her own plan.

Priya tells Ram that Juhi is doing everything legally and says we will do the same and hire a lawyer. Ram says he hired a big lawyer. Priya says, they shall play it mentally. Ram asks what is her plan. Priya explains her plan. Sid says he had hired a detective to find each detail about Juhi. Mamaji asks Sid, what he is planning. Sid lies to him saying he is planning a party.

Priya discusses her plan with Natasha, Sid, Mayra, Sid and Pihu. Priya tells them that Ram agreed for their plan, but was little awkward at first. Ram comes to meet Juhi and gives her invitation for his marriage with Priya. Juhi gets shocked. Khush and Pihu get busy decorating the house. Pihu applies mehendi on Priya’s hands and gets excited about her mom’s wedding. Vikram comes to support the family. Ram comes home and tells everyone that he invited Juhi for their marriage. Keep reading to know about Ram and Priya’s remarriage.