Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (English: Swear Of Your Love) is an Indian Hindi romantic television series, which premiered on 7 March 2016, and is broadcast on Colors TV at 10.00 pm (Mon – Fri). The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor.

Shivani Tomar and Sharad Malhotra play the female and male lead roles respectively. Based in the backdrop of Punjab, the plot of the series will take viewers through different time phases and shows them how love survives all ordeals.In September 2016 it was announced that Kratika Sengar Dheer would return in the role of Tanuja, replacing Shivani Tomar.

Raaj is happy to know this that Rishi has done right to kidnap Tanu.Rano gets angry on Neha and Bani.Raaj tells Neha that after whatever she has done to Tanu she will never be happy with any boy.

To take revenge of whatever Raaj said to Neha, she decides to kill Rishi. She calls Sandeep Sikand/Sandy, her lover, and tells him that Rishi forced upon her. Sandy in a fit of rage, goes to the place where Rishi and Tanu were there and points the gun at Rishi. Tanu comes in between and she gets shot. Rishi is shocked to see Tanu bleeding heavily. Tanu dies in the arms of Rishi, saying that she will come again in the world for him. Rishi is completely broken. The Bedis arrive there only to find Tanu lying lifeless in the arms of Rishi. Rishi tries to commit suicide, but Tanu’s soul asks him to move on in his life and tells him that she will return. Tanu saves the life of Rishi even after her death.Neha marries Sandy. Tanu is reincarnated as Sandy’s friend Vikram’s daughter Tanuja.
After 20 years

Rishi is now a powerful business tycoon. He doesn’t value love and is rude to his employees. He is always in the memories of Tanu. Manpreet has married Ahaana and has two children Chintu and Smiley. Neha is married to Sandy and has two grown up daughters, Vidhi and Nidhi. Tanuja lives with Neha’s family because her parents died in an accident. Neha and Bani do not give love and affection to Tanuja like they did to Tanu. Sandy loves Tanuja and considers as his daughter.Tanuja is a very bubbly girl.Tanuja has a birthmark shaped “R” on her back. She gets some memories of her previous birth but she does not understand why she is getting these flashbacks as she does not remember her past life with Rishi.

Rishi gets a marriage proposal of Malikka, but he refuses because of her obsession for money and divorced her two husbands for the same reason. Now, Bani plans to write a letter to Rano. She writes that she and her husband are diagnosed with cancer and are counting their last days. Neha and Sandy are in vegetative state after an accident. She requests Rano to allow her granddaughters to live with them. The girls reach the Bedi House. They are initially not allowed to enter the house because of Bani and Neha’s bad deeds that costed Tanu’s life and has completely broken Rishi. But after reading the letter, they allow them to stay in a storehouse.

While fixing a bulb, Tanuja spots a drunken Rishi. Rishi meets Tanuja for the first time under a bulb, the same way Tanu and Rishi met but he couldn’t recognize her because he is drunk. Tanuja helps him to sleep.

Rishi, the next morning, asks his parents about a girl in the house. Raaj and Rano deny, but he is suspicious. He goes to the storeroom to check. When he searches for the girl, Tanuja’s stroller falls on the face of Rishi. He instantly recognizes the fragrance of Tanu’s stroller, which fell on him many times. He becomes nostalgic about Tanu. He then again searches for the girl, but he finds no one in the storeroom.

The next day, Rishi’s car hits Tanuja, but he isn’t able to see the face. He admits her the hospital and pays the fees. He’s saved from a bomb blast due to this delay. After some time, Tanuja is discharged. On the way back home, Tanuja’s hand accidently hits Katyayni. She instantly recognizes that Tanuja as the reincarnated Tanu. Tanuja understands nothing, and leaves the place. As she reaches the home, she thinks why is she always getting attracted to Rishi. She gets some flashbacks again, and thinks why is she getting the flashbacks, that are unclear.Pandit tells Rano that death curse had returned in Rishi’s life and they should find girl who can save him from death curse.Rishi tells Pandit to leave house.Tanuja meets Biji in temple.Tanuja comes to return Rishi’s Kundli and hears Rishi’s grandmother Biji telling Nakul about Tanu and Rishi’s love story.Rishi reminisces the deep bond he shared with Tanu. Biji reminds him of Tanu’s sacrifice and asks him to live his life happily for her. Meanwhile, Neha ardently schemes with Bani and decides to come to Mumbai with the intention of fixing up either Vidhi or Nidhi with Nakul.Katyayni meets Tanuja and tells her that you are returned for him(Rishi).Tanuja meets Rishi where Tanu died.Rishi calls her Tanu but is upset seeing her. Later, Tanuja hides from Rishi after dropping her interview papers in front of him.Rishi reads Tanuja’s name.Servant gets paper back from Rishi and gives it to Tanuja.Katyayani meets Rishi and tells him that Tanu has returned with new face but Rishi doesn’t believe.Tanuja goes for interview but assumes Rishi as her boss.But Rishi tells her that he is not boss, he has came to meet boss.Tanuja loses job.Biji gets unconscious.Tanuja saves her and comes to Bedi house with her.She takes care of Biji.Biji’s condition is improved.Yuvraj tells Rishi about Biji’s condition and he rushes to meet her.While coming he calls Biji but phone is received by Tanuja.Tanuja mistakenly disconnects call.Rishi comes to house and gets angry. Biji wants Tanuja to be with her. Manpreet appoints Tanuja as Rishi’s secretary. Rishi misunderstood Tanuja to be his wallet’s thief. Staff send cake with Tanuja for Manpreet’s birthday but it mistakenly spreads on Tanuja’s face and Rishi. Rishi gets angry and Tanuja runs before he sees her. Biji searches for Tanuja and acts unconscious upon meeting her. Tanuja takes Biji home and gets appointed as Biji’s caretaker. Tanuja speaks and behaves like Tanu and Rishi hears her. Rishi recalls Tanu and gets attracted to Tanuja not knowing that it’s her.