Lead Actor Aashish Bharadwaj shares insights on recent action scenes in ‘Mithai’

MUMBAI: Acting for many individuals is a passion, but when it becomes someone’s profession it’s like a dream come true experience! As we recently saw Actor Aashish Bharadwaj perform some amazing moves in his recent series ‘Mithai’, we couldn’t resist asking him about his experience fighting off the villains saving Mithai from getting married.

When asked Aashish about his experience working as Siddharth in ‘Mithai’, he mentioned, “ Acting has aways been my passion and I’m thankful that I’ve got to be a part of some great serials before getting an opportunity to play Siddharth in ‘Mithai’. I really resonated with the character in the initial stage hence chose to take up this part, but what surprises me is that every day i get to learn something new from my character. I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and intend to give my best each and every day.”

When asked Aashish about his experience shooting such a challenging sequence, he mentioned, “These last few days of shooting were challenging but a lot of fun at the same time, as I’ve always seen and loved watching action scenes in serials and movies, but actually shooting them myself felt like an incredible experience. I was fortunate that I got to shoot the entire sequence without a stunt double as it helped my process my character’s emotions too!”

While Aashish did a phenomenal part by himself in the fight sequence, it makes us eager to see what the show has to offer in the coming days.

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