Mithai actor Aashish Bharadwaj claims his wife actress Kajal Chonkar physically abused him, says, “I had auditions and she scratched my whole face”

MUMBAI: Well-known Tv actors Aashish Bhardwaj and Kajal Chonkar got their marriage solemnized in Uttar Pradesh in December 2021 and later their marriage was registered at Muzaffarnagar on October 12, 2022. However the couple’s marriage is in trouble and Kajal has accused Aashish of physical abuse. She had earlier said for a month everything was fine but things got bad after she returned from an outdoor shoot, “When I came back, I wanted to get engaged. He misbehaved with me, he was physically violent, would tear my clothes. He started mentally abusing me, torturing me to no end.’

“Aashish and I were in a relationship for around 3 years before and last year I told him to speak to his parents about us. Aashish promised to marry me. During his show Mithai, I had gotten pregnant and I told him to tell his parents. I forced him to talk to his parents and he told me to give him time. He kept giving excuses. Then after a few days he forced me to get abortion done else his parents won’t accept me. I did get an abortion. Just after abortion, he disappeared. He started ignoring me.

Aashish has now given his side of the story and said that she has scratched him and is demanding money. He stated, “First of all, all these are baseless allegations. My lawyers have sent her a reply. The truth is very big. Whatever she is saying, is completely false. I am not denying the marriage. We did get married and I am not living with her right now. But the reason as to why I am not staying with her is very strong. She has been torturing me physically. She was not letting me go for work. Whenever I used to go for work or auditions, she would create a situation that I won’t be able to go. She has scratched my face. I had auditions and she scratched my whole face.”

The traumatized Aashish added,”‘I did a show, came to this city, waited for four years, working hard every day, every night. I did small roles in two shows and in my third show I got the main lead. I have stopped working now. If you ask anybody, I am not even giving auditions. I wasn’t allowed to. Whenever I used to get calls for work or go out, she would threaten me with a police case. It is a personal matter of the family and she is making it public like this. This is not right.”

Reacting to her claims of the abortion he added, “I got married to her. For abortion, she went alone. I went with her for check-ups but I never went with her for the abortion. It was her agreement first. I got married to her before and then registered the marriage because of her. I convinced my entire family for her and now she is doing this to me!”

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