Nandini informs everyone about Divya and Sid being in love in Sony’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

Last week Rajveer and Nandini got married again with all the rituals. While they were about to celebrate their wedding night, Gayatri Devi enters their room and asks Rajveer to come. She tells him that there is a problem. Abhay cooks up a fake story that MLA’s from Himachal are leaving from their party. Gayatri Devi asks Rajveer to handle the MLA and convinced them not to leave their party. Rajveer informs Nandini that he has to go to Himachal through charter plane. Nandini asks him to go.

Divya and Sid loves each other but doesn’t know about their feelings for each other. They talk on phone. Sid congrats Divya. They feel sad. Rajveer comes back and surprises Nandini. He says, he didn’t go as she is his first priority. They consummate their marriage. Next morning, Rajveer brings tea for Nandini and surprises her. Gayatri Devi is shocked that Rajveer didn’t go. Nandini informs her about the same. Gayatri Devi calls Abhay and informs her that Rajveer is at home. Abhay gets annoyed and says Nandini belongs to only him. Divya notices Nandini but it seems she has not heard anything.

Gayatri Devi is talking with Abhay. Abhay looks at Nandini who comes with Rajveer. Gayatri Devi feels he is not focussed. Nandini is in kitchen, Rajveer follows her and closes her mouth. He gets romantic. Nandini runs away shyly. Abhay watches their romance and gets jealous. Nandini collides with Abhay. Abhay is lost in her thoughts and wants to feel her. Rajveer asks him, why he is there? Abhay makes an excuse. He asks them to pose for them. He takes their photo. After Rajveer and nandini leave, he crops the pic and keeps only Nandini’s photo.

Arrangements start for Divya’s engagement. Swaroop takes care of the arrangements. Uttara assist her. Divya calls Sid and asks him to meet her. Divya gets mehendi done on her hands for the engagement. Uttara and Swaroop discuss about how marriage should be done with the same status person. Rajveer speaks against it. He says, love is important in any relation and money doesn’t matters. Divya and Dadi supports Rajveer. Dadi asks Nandini to give her opinion. Nandini speaks about love. Later Rajveer and Nandini dance on the song. Gayatri Devi and Abhay are jealous.

Divya’s groom and his family come. They welcome them. Dadi asks Nandini to bring Divya. Divya goes to meet Sid. Sid asks her to marry someone else. Divya emotionally blackmails him and threatens to commit suicide if he doesn’t accept his love. Sid agrees to love her. They hug. Nandini sees them and is shocked. She tries to make them understand that their love will not be acceptable. She asks Divya to return for family’s prestige. Divya lectures her on love. They ask Nandini to help them. Rajveer comes there and invites Sid for the engagement. All of them goes inside for the engagement. Divya is seated with Gautam. Nandini gets tensed. Abhay asks her why she is tensed? Nandini ignores his question and goes to Rajveer.

Nandini asks Rajveer about his opinion on love and marriage. Engagement ceremony starts, Divya takes the ring in her hands but it falls down. Swaroop asks Nandini to give the ring to Divya. Nandini refuses saying Divya loves someone else. Everyone are shocked. They asks whom Divya loves? Nandini says Sid. Everyone get angry. Divya and Sid confess to love each other. Divya’s Dad says he won’t get Divya married to Sid. He insults Nandini. Rajas insults Nandini and blames her for everything. Rajveer warns Rajas. Rajveer tries to make them understand that they shall accept Sid and Divya’s alliance as they love each other.

Gautam’s family gets angry and refuses to do business with Raghuvanshi. Gayatri Devi is shocked. Dadi says, Divya will marry Sid. Vikrant tries to argue but Dadi’s decision is final. She gives blessings to Divya and Sid. Dadi praises rajveer and Nandini for supporting Sid and Divya. Abhay sees Rajveer and Nandini getting romantic once again and gets jealous. Rajveer lifts Nandini and goes to the room. They say I love you to each other. Gayatri Devi is planning to kill Nandini. What will happen to Nandini? Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.