Nazar 2 actress Shruti Sharma cried a lot on knowing the show is going off airKanika Kapoor of Ek Duje ke Vaaste 2 catching up with her old hobbies

Due to coronavirus outbreak, citizens have been urged to remain indoors. People have been advised to maintain social distancing in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus spread has definitely impacted our lives miserably. Many television shows have been going off-air leaving actors and makers disheartened along with the fans. The recent one to join the list is Gul Khan’s Nazar 2.

The leading lady Shruti Sharma, essaying the role of Palak Verma in Season 2, has reacted to the development. She told that, “I got to know this sad news from my production team, day before yesterday, and it was heartbreaking. Our industry is facing a lot of financial loss at this time. It’s a hard time for everyone- from the producers to channel. But the reason for Nazar 2 to end is because it airs at 11 pm slot- ours was the first new show which aired at that slot or else it was always given for repeat telecast of on-going shows. But now when shoots have stopped and fresh episodes of any show are not being aired, retaining that slot has become difficult. Hence, this decision was taken.”

She added, “The day I got the news, I cried a lot. In fact, even now while talking to you, I am feeling very emotional. That day the Creative Head of the team spoke to me for a long time, counselling me. We also have a WhatsApp group for Nazar 2, of which all the actors are a part. We thanked each other and praised everyone’s work. Taaki sabki himmat bani rahe. All were upset but we can’t even call it unfair because it’s nobody’s fault. The situation is so bad outside. I just pray for people to be safe and survive through this phase as there will be a new beginning to everything.”

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