Pihu realizes her mistakes and apologizes to Priya, Priya and Khush determine to catch the murderer in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Priya has been suspecting Khush to be the murderer. Some comes to know that someone has checked her room in her absence and that raises a doubt in her mind. She searches for the gloves and CD, but doesn’t find it. Priya informs her lawyer about someone stealing the evidences. He asks her to list the suspect then they will start investigating. Priya sees Khush tensed and asks him, if he is tensed about power of attorney. Khush says no and says he is happy that Ram has given him POA. Juhi provokes Pihu against Khush and asks her to not to let go of her property in Khush and Suhani’s hands.

Rajat informs Priya that he made the copies of the CD and will send to her family members. He asks her to check everyone’s reaction. Rahul sees Vikram sad over Sammy’s death. He tells Vikram that Sammy and Sid’s deal was fake. Vikram thinks something must have been there. Priya notices Khush’s reaction as he gets tensed. She calls Rajat and informs him that she can’t believe that Khush can do that. Pihu asks Khush to transfer his POA on her name. Khush refuses. Pihu threatens him to go to court. Suhani asks Khush to do as Pihu says. Khush refuses. Priya sees them fighting.

Priya talks with Suhani about Khush. She feels bad to see her kids fighting. Suhani tells her that Khush has changed. Mamaji, Sid and Juhi get disturbed seeing the CD. Priya scolds Khush and Pihu for fighting for money and POA. She asks Pihu, who asked her to break the relationship for money. Juhi thinks Priya failed her plan.

Pihu gets a call from the someone asking her to meet him at 12 if she wants to know about Sammy’s killer. Sid and Juhi get worried about the CD. Rajat and Priya are talking. Priya sees someone stealing something from her room. Rajat catches Khush. Priya is shocked. She scolds him for betraying Ram’s trust. Khush says, he didn’t do anything. Rajat says, they have proofs. Khush tells her that he lied to her, but he didn’t kill Sammy. He tells her that he was running behind a murderer. He tells her that he is investigating the matter and the POA is fake. Khush tells her that he met Ram and made plan with him about the POA. Priya apologizes to him. They determine to find the murderer soon.

Pihu goes to the room and asks the caller to tell about Sammy’s murderer. Priya follows her. Caller/killer tries to hit Pihu with a rod from behind, but Priya saves her and gets injured. Priya gets unconscious. Doctor comes and tells that another 24 hours are critical for her and she can slip into coma. Rajat makes Pihu realize her mistake. Rajat tells her, how Priya used to take care of her small needs in Dubai. Pihu cries remembering Priya’s words.

Pihu comes to Priya’s room. Suhani and Khush leave from the room. Pihu cries. Daijaa tells Cady that Rajat is waiting for her at the airport. She tells her that they are leaving for Dubai as Rajat is hurt to see Ram and Priya seperated. Vikram comes to see Priya. He tells Khush that Priya is very strong and will be back. Khush tells him that next 24 hours are critical for her. He prays for Priya. Juhi asks him not to worry and she will be fine. Khush says, she should be fine and we will find the culprit.

Juhi sees Pihu holding Priya’s hands and sleeping. She wakes her up and asks her to eat something. Pihu declines saying she won’t eat until her mom gets consciousness. Juhi asks, what if she doesn’t get conscious. Pihu gets angry and shuts the door saying she don’t want any negativity to be around Priya. Priya wakes up and sees Pihu sitting next to her. Pihu cries and apologizes to her. She blames herself for Varun’s death and for Priya slipping into coma for 7 years. She says, she misunderstood her mom when she asked her not to marry Sammy.

Priya tells her that she is the best gift of her and Ram and she is very special to them. Priya gets happy to see her Pihu back to her. She says, she wants to share this happiness with Ram. Pihu asks Priya to forgive her. Priya says, she is happy that Pihu is repenting for her mistakes. They hug and cry.

Natasha comes to meet Priya. Priya tells her about Pihu hugging her and saying sorry. Natasha gets happy. Natasha goes to meet Pihu. Natasha tells Pihu that she is happy that everything is sorted between her and Priya. Pihu tells her she is feeling relieved now. Natasha hugs her. In the coming week, Khush will give his POA to Pihu, who will readily accept it. Keep reading.