Ram gets arrested by the police, Sammy gets killed in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Khush proposes to Suhani in the party and gets engaged to her. Suhani gets emotional. Priya makes Juhi shut her mouth as she was speaking badly about Suhani. Cady asks Rajat to meet Priya. Rajat goes to meet Priya. He looks at her and recalls the moments shared with her. Priya gets surprised to see him. She asks him, did you get married? Rajat says, he didn’t find any girl. Priya says, she is hopeful that he will find a girl soon.

Pihu- Sammy, and Suhani- Khush dance on the song Tum Hi Ho…..Sammy gets jealous seeing Khush with Suhani. Sammy takes Suhani to a corner and asks what you are doing with Khush? She replies saying she is dancing with her to be husband. Sammy gets jealous. He acts as a possessive lover and says I won’t allow anyone to touch you. Pihu watches this possessive side of Sammy. Suhani tries to free her hand. Pihu asks Sammy to leave her hand. Sammy refuses saying Suhani is his and he loves her.

Priya slaps Sammy for misbehaving with Suhani. Sammy announces in the party that Suhani is carrying his child. He says, no one can stop him from becoming hers. Suhani is shocked. Ram asks him to leave her hand. He asks, how dare you to play with my Pihu’s life. You have made a joke of her. Sammy asks, do you want to kill me…..kill me then. I loves Suhani. Ram says I will kill you. He says, I don’t love your daughter Pihu.

Ram raises his hand on Sammy. Vikram gets angry. Rajat takes him outside. Vikram is very annoyed with Ram’s move. He says, Ram insulted my son today. Vikram says, Ram have to apologize to my son else our friendship will be over. Priya is hurt and sad as Pihu’s life is at stake. Natasha comforts her with her words. Priya says, I can’t see my daughter suffer. She cries. Natasha asks her to stop crying. Pihu comes there. She asks Priya, are you happy as your words have proved true. She says, you was right and I was wrong. She confesses to have done a mistake by marrying Sammy. She says, I tried to make him mine but failed. Priya promises to make everything alright. She cries and hugs Priya. There shows a mother and daughter reunion.

Cady talks with Sammy and says we didn’t force marriage on you. It was your decision to marry Pihu. Sammy says, I can’t control my feelings anymore. Sammy says, he wants to meet Suhani. Cady permits him and asks him to return as Pihu’s husband. Priya tells Natasha that she got her Pihu back. Priya wishes well for Pihu and feels bad as she is hurt. Natasha says, everything will be fine. Priya says, Pihu is the reason for her to live.

Sammy comes to meet Suhani. He asks her about the child. Suhani says, it is not your baby. He asks her to look in his eyes and say. Suhani looks in his eyes and tells him that the baby is only hers. Suhani says, you married Pihu and called me characterless. Khush supported me. I am getting my self respect back because of Khush.

Sammy tells Suhani that he does not care whose kids it is, he just wants to be with her. Suhani says, he is sick and says he don’t deserve anyone’s love. She says, she is ashamed of herself to love him once. Natasha meets Rajat and they talk about Sammy and Pihu.

Khush gives lemon water to Sammy. Sammy throws it and taunts Khush. Khush says, he should be thankful that he is behaving well with him. Sammy says, you might have begged Suhani to marry you. Khush gets angry and says you don’t deserve Suhani. He declares his decision to marry Suhani. Sammy is about to hit Khush with wine bottle, just then Sid stops him and warns Sammy not to mess up with his son.

Sammy again announces in the party that Khush took away Suhani from him but Ram and Priya bring her back in his life. He tells Ram that he will divorce Pihu tomorrow. He says, he doesn’t care anybody. He says, he forcibly accepted Pihu but not anymore. Priya is shocked. Just then someone shoots at Sammy and he falls down. Vikram, Pihu and Khush take him to the hospital.

Police arrives at Kapoor Mansion and summons everyone not to leave the place. Sammy is taken to the operation theatre. Rahul comforts Vikram. Constable gets Ram’s coat and gun. Inspector asks Ram, Ram says he kept it for safety. Inspector says, bullet is missing from the gun. Doctor comes and informs Vikram that he couldn’t save Sammy. Pihu burst into tears.

Inspector asks Ram to come with him to the police station. Priya tries to stop him but in vain. She says, she will seek Lawyer’s opinion. Rajat supports Ram as well. Ram gets arrested. Will Priya be able to prove Ram’s innocent? Keep reading Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.