Ram gets death sentence for Sammy’s murder, Priya to find out about the real murderer in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

Last week Sammy dies in the hospital after someone shoots at him in the party through Ram’s resolver. Shergill and Kapoor family are in trouble. Shergill family face the loss of their son Sammy whereas Ram Kapoor gets arrested on the charges of Sammy’s murder by the police. Vikram gets shocked and most effected with Sammy ‘s death. Vikram comes to Priya and nods his head in a no. Priya gets shocked knowing Sammy is dead. Pihu and Suhani remember Sammy and cry. After argumenting with the Inspector, Priya is allowed to meet Ram. She assures him that he will be soon freed from the police station as he is innocent. Ram is in shocked state too. Vikram tells the Inspector that Ram killed his son and how can he allow him to meet his wife. Vikram says, Ram is his enemy now and he will make sure that he gets rigorous imprisonment for his crime.

Pihu cries miserably looking at Sammy’s dead body. She fights with Suhani. Khush intervenes and says Sammy is responsible for his own death. Cady calls Neha and informs her about Sammy’s death. Neha gets shocked and cries badly. Priya comes home. Pihu cries hugging her. She tells Priya that she lied to her that she will unite her with Sammy, but she separated her.

Pihu asks Priya to kill her also. Priya says, she is misunderstanding her. Juhi consoles Pihu and takes her with her. Rajat consoles Rahul and asks him to be strong and not to cry infront of Vikram. Priya shares with Natasha that Pihu always loved her in her childhood and now she hates her. Natasha says, life is stressful. Priya says, she didn’t want to come back to Ram’s life for Pihu. She says, Sammy is no more. Natasha says, Vikram knows that Ram cannot kill Sammy.

Vikram goes to Sammy’s room and looks at his pics and guitar. Rajat consoles him. Vikram tells him about Sammy. He says, he would have convinced Sammy to stay with Pihu, but Ram killed him. He says, he made a big mistake by having friendship with ram and getting Sammy married to Pihu. Vikram shares with Daijaa that he doesn’t know what to do.

Priya recalls Ram’s words that they will be together till their death. Ram recalls the moments spent with Priya. Rahul and Riddhima get emotional remembering Sammy. Vikram calls his lawyer and gives him details about Sammy’s death. Neha comes and cries hugging Vikram. Court hearing start for Sammy’s murder. Judge says, he will announce the judgement after 1 month. Vikram brings Sammy’s ashes. Everyone cries. Priya discusses the case with lawyer. Priya rememvers Ram and cries. Rajat sees her crying.

Doctor comes and checks Suhani. He asks her to take care of herself and be happy. Khush tells her to forget the past and look upon the future. Suhani says, she cannot forget Sammy as he told repeatedly that he wanted to accept her and her child but she refused. Khush says, your sacrificed your love for Pihu. Priya and Khush go to Vikram’s house. Neha hugs Priya and cries. She says, Ram killed Sammy in anger. His sorry will not bring Sammy back. She says, Sammy told her many times that he doesn’t love Pihu, but she didn’t listen to him. Neha asks Priya to leave. Priya leaves. Neha cries holding Sammy’s photo frame.

Mamaji tells Sid to remember that he is his old companion and asks his share in Sammy’s money. Sid says, he will take him to jail when he goes. Natasha comes to meet Priya. Priya tells her about Neha’s state of mind. She says, Neha was aggressive and she doesn’t know how to calm Neha. Natasha says, Khush told her everything. Priya says, Neha lost her son because of Pihu’s ego. She feels responsible for everything. She says, Ram will come back soon as he is innocent, but Sammy won’t come back.

At the court, Court declares Ram guilty and gives him death sentence. Priya meets Ram. Ram tells her that he didn’t kill Sammy. Priya says, she knows that he cannot do that. She promises to find out the real murderer. Ram says, he doesn’t have much time and promises to meet her in next life. Ram is sent to jail. Priya cries.

Cady tells Rahul that they should stop the two families from breaking. Rahul says he doesn’t care about Kapoors. Neha is relieved that Ram is convicted for Sammy’s murder. Vikram says, he lost two important persons of his life. Mamaji, Sid and Juhi are happy thinking Ram went from their way. Courier guy comes and gives the party CD to Khush. Priya takes the CD and goes to her room. She sees the killer’s face in the CD and gets shocked. Keep reading to know the new twist unfolding in the coming episodes.