Ram and Priya are on the verge to unite in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Ram and Priya’s love life have seen many ups and downs. They faced marital discord because of Pihu. They chose seperate ways unable to accept each other’s perception. Although they found true love in arranged marriage but their ego’s seperated them. After Priya comes to know that Suhani is pregnant with Sammy’s child, she thinks to stop Pihu and Sammy’s wedding and get the latter marry Suhani. Priya breaks the news to Ram and family, but Sammy refuses to accept Suhani’s child as his. He remarks on Suhani’s character and says she is carrying Khush’s child instead. Pihu supports Sammy and stands by her decision to marry Sammy. She asks Ram to choose either her or Priya. Ram is grinded between his daughter and wife. Priya opts to leave the house with Suhani as she doesn’t want to make the things difficult for Ram. Khush decides to leave with Priya and Suhani.

Recently BALH had a leap of 6 months. Pihu and Sammy are shown married and are not happy but they show the world that they are ideal happy couple. This makes Ram happy and he thinks that Priya was wrong in her judgement. Suhani is shown having a clinic. Priya works in the office to support her new home financially. Ram takes over Priya’s company and becomes her new boss. They try to mend ways and get back together but their ego’s doesn’t permit them. Priya was framed in fraud case by the manager of the company Rishi. Ram tries to find out the real culprit and succeeds. Meanwhile Priya thinks Ram doubts her and resigns from her job. Ram makes Rishi get back Priya to the office. Rishi confess to Ram that he did that fraud.

The current track is focussed mainly on Ram and Priya. Both of them try to find a way to reach to the other. Priya saves Ram from falling down the building and confesses her love for him. Ram gets happy. Pihu and Sammy go to the Valentine day party and there Sammy calls one lady by Suhani’s name. Pihu gets embrassed infront of her friends and complaints to Natasha. Natasha tells her that Priya told her that Suhani is happy with Khush. This makes Pihu questions her. Pihu asks her, why you have relations with the woman who left me and my dad over Suhani. Natasha explains her that she is not against her. Pihu tells her everything about Sammy. Natasha gives her advice.

Sammy tells Pihu that he will plan a honeymoon for them. Pihu gets happy and forgives him. Priya comes to office. Ram tells her that they have to leave for Delhi citing meeting with a client. Priya talks to the client and agrees to go with Ram. She packs her stuff. Suhani comes to drop her. Ram comes in his car. Priya gets tensed and send Suhani back home but Suhani sees Ram as Priya’s boss. She gets happy and prays for their reunion. When Ram and Priya reached the hotel, they are surprised to know that only one room was booked on their names. They are forced to share the room, even though both of them are quite happy with it but doesn’t show to the other.

Priya continues to nag Ram on his weight and Ram nags her on her slim figure. Priya thinks to give him aloo ka parathas but doesn’t give it to Ram because of her ego. Sammy gets gift for Pihu to make her happy. Pihu thanks and hugs him. Sammy feels uncomfortable.

Vikram comes to Ram’s office and tries to find out about the employee with whom Ram is very close to. He tries to find out from Rishi and other employee but fails to know Priya’s name. Ram and Priya have a argument and Ram shifts to other room. Vikram thinks Ram is having an affair and that’s why he is happy these days. He shares with Cady and Riddima. Cady is shocked and suggests him to talk to Priya as she has the right to know about her husband’s doings.

Sammy calls Suhani and tells her that he has moved on in life and will be going for honeymoon with Pihu. Suhani says, it doesn’t matter to me. Vikram calls Priya and tells her that Ram is having an affair. Priya gets shocked and decides to confront him. She sees Ram from far with a lady and gets jealous. Ram praises that lady. She turns out to be Vidya Balan who has come for the promotion of her movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Vidya Balan invites Ram and Priya for the film’s promotion.

At the promotional event, Vidya Balan talks about her film and asks Ram and Priya to tell something about marriage. Priya says, love do happen after marriage but husband’s ego get big. Ram says, wife becomes like fighting cats after marriage. Priya says, husbands don’t understand wife’s perception. They started argumenting. Vidya says, this is Shaadi Ke Side Effects. They look good with each other irrespective of the fights. Priya and Ram start fighting again. Priya asks, how you agree to come here with me as a couple. Ram says, how can we refuse Vidya. Priya says, I don’t want to act. Vidya thinks to bring them closer. She says, I am tired of eating outside and misses home made food. Priya says, I have aloo ka parathas but it is prepared a day before. Vidya says, I will eat it. Waiter comes and gives the aloo ka parathas to Ram. Ram thinks Priya has send it. Priya comes and says this is for Vidya. Ram gets angry and asks her to give it to Vidya. Vidya makes Priya understand to keep her differences aside and talk to Ram. Priya says, he doesn’t want to accept his love because of his ego. Vidya says, it shows in his eyes. He has his eyes on you……She asks Priya to forgive Ram and don’t let the love go away.

In the coming episodes, we will see how Ram and Priya will try to get back together and will hide each other from their families. They will act like a teenager and hides their feelings. Don’t miss the sizzling chemistry of Ram and Priya on your favourite show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. Stay tuned.