Sahir burns in jealously as he thinks Arzoo is pregnant with Zaki’s child in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Zaki informs Alvira that he is really in love this time. Alvira asks about the girl he is in love with. Zaki is about to tell Arzoo’s name just then his old girl friend Samaira comes to stay in their house. Sahir waits for Arzoo in the office and when she doesn’t turn up, he thinks to meet her. Samaira tells Zaki that she wants to marry him. Sahir comes to meet Arzoo and talks about life. He tells her that he knows why she is ignoring him. He says he wants to say three words. Arzoo gets tensed and waits to hear the three words. Sahir tells her “I am sorry”. Arzoo is stunned as Sahir hardly apologizes to anyone. Sahir says I makes you cry always, scolds you etc. I am sorry. He adds that Sarfaraz won’t trouble you anymore as he spoke to him. He recalls Zeenat as he says that whoever is near to us can give us pain.

Arzoo says you know my pain, but what is your pain. Sahir gets up and gets angry. Arzoo insists to know. Sahir asks her to be in her limits. Arzoo tells him that she will cross all limits now to know his pain. Sahir asks her to stop interfering in his life. Sahir tells her that her existence doesn’t matter to him. Arzoo says even I don’t care.They start walking in opposite direction. Arzoo asks Alvira to tell her what is paining Sahir so much. Alvira tells her that Sahir reached this place after a lot of hardwork. He wants to make his company worth 1000 crores. She asks her to give him some time. Alvira comes to Sahir and asks did you mortgage our house and property to fulfill the promise made to Zeenat. Sahir accepts and says he will even mortgage himself to fulfill the promise. He says once the deal is signed then Saiyyara will become 1000 crores company and everything will be fine.

Zaki talks to Arzoo and compliments on her looks. Sahir overhears them and gets jealous. Arzoo tells Zaki that her beauty is because of him as he did her makeover. Arzoo serves the food to Sahir. Sahir recalls Zaki’s praising words for Arzoo and gets upset. Samaira informs Zaki that she is pregnant with his child and reminds him about their trip to Paris. Zaki gets shocked. While Sahir is busy talking to employees, Arzoo gets busy with Zaki’s messages. Sahir gets irked. She tells him that she needs to go out for some personal work. She goes. She comes to hospital. Zaki tells her that he brought Samaira for the pregnancy test. Sahir comes there and sees Arzoo filling form and gets shocked. He hears nurse informing Arzoo that pregnancy report will come soon. He gets angry as he thinks Arzoo is pregnant.

Arzoo’s family members go to Ajmer Shareef Dargah. Zaki tells Arzoo that Samaira is playing a game with him. He tells that he is sure that he is responsible for her pregnancy. Arzoo supports him. Zaki tells Arzoo that he wants to investigate carefully as Sahir and Samaira’s dad Rahman are business partners. He asks her not to let anyone know about this. Arzoo promises to keep it as a secret. Kurti Apa over hears them and tells everyone that Arzoo is pregnant with Zaki’s child. Arzoo gets shocked. Sahir comes hearing the accusations, but stays silent. Zaki is about to tell the truth, but Arzoo signs him not to. Anam taunts her too. Kurti Apa asks Alvira to distribute sweets among the relatives. Anam asks Arzoo to say if she is really pregnant. Arzoo stays silent, raising doubts in Sahir’s mind.

Alvira asks Arzoo to tell something in defense. Arzoo asks her to have trust on her and says she can’t say anything for the time being. Sahir burns in anger and thinks who is real Arzoo, the one who laid infront of bulldozer to save the factory or the one who stayed silent and bear the insult. Zaki apologizes to Arzoo. Arzoo thinks she is doing this for Sahir’s respect. Zaki thinks to prove her innocent. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room. Sahir asks her why she stayed silent and didn’t say anything. Arzoo tells him that she doesn’t need to clarify if he can’t read her eyes. Sahir says truth needs to be told. Arzoo leaves. Anam and Kurti Apa think to get Zaki married to Arzoo, to keep her away from Sahir. Kurti Apa and Anam call Maulvi Saheb and tell him about Arzoo’s fake pregnancy. Maulvi asks Alvira to kick her out. Alvira tells him that the accusations are wrong and threatens to complain about him. Maulvi saheb apologizes and leaves.

Samaira tells her father that she wishes to marry Zaki. He promises to marry her to Zaki. She hugs her dad. Rahman comes to Sahir and talks to him about Lucknow land which is worth 10 crores. Sahir says he is well aware of land prices and says he will find buyer himsef. Rahman tells him that he will get a good buyer for him if he gets Zaki and Samaira married. Sahir gets shocked. He tells Rahman that he will talk to Zaki and let him know. Zaki tells Samaira that he wants to do the paternity test and asks whose child it is.

Sahir talks to Zaki about Samaira’s proposal. Zaki refuses to marry her. Sahir thinks Zaki is refusing as Arzoo is pregnant with his child. Samaira acts to commit suicide. Rahman promises to get her married to Zaki at any cost. Rahman threatens Sahir and asks him to convince Zaki. Sahir refuses. Rahman threatens him by showing video footage of lucknow factory blast. He threatens to send him to Jail. Sahir gets angry and breaks everything in his cabin. Arzoo comes to calm him, but he accuses her for the trouble. Later Arzoo informs Zaki about the conversation between Sahir and Rahman Saheb. Zaki gets angry. Keep reading.