Samaira gives impotency medicines to Aditya to take revenge in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Samaira makes Aditya clean the house and even the washrooms. She then throws the fruits in Madhu’s room and tells Aditya that Madhu threw it. Aditya gets angry on Madhu and cleans the room. Madhu wonders what happened to Aditya. Samaira tells Madhu that she is enjoying making her mad and making Aditya her pet dog. Office employee come home and thinks Aditya as a servant. He apologizes to Aditya then. Aarya takes pics of Aditya cleaning house and sends to Jai.

Aditya sleeps after a tiring work. Samaira insists him to fulfill the wedding night and make her feel special. Aditya tells her that he is very tired and requests her to let him sleep today. She goes to Arnav’s room and sleeps with him. Sunaina sees Samaira sleeping in Arnav’s room. Samaira tells her that it doesn’t matter where she sleeps. Mohanto thanks Aditya for cleaning the house for him and says he is feeling better.

Shikha comes to meet her family. They get happy seeing Arnav. Neeraj asks her why she is not killing Aditya. She tells him that she can’t until she gets Manav’s custody. She says, she will make Aditya hate himself.

Sunaina asks Samaira why she spent a night in Arnav’s room. Samaira tells her that Aditya is impotent and they can’t have a husband and wife relation. Sunaina wonders how Arnav is born then…..Sunaina tells everything to Mohanto and asks him to talk to Aditya. Mohanto decides to keep the signing authority to him until Jai comes back. Aditya gets annoyed. Mohanto asks him to take care of his health and gives him herbal medicines. Aditya wonders why he gave him medicines.

Samaira mixes impotency medicines in the milk and makes Aditya drink it. She plans to make him impotent. Mohanto calls the doctor surprising Aditya. Doctor tells Aditya that many men gets cured with the medicines. Mohanto informs Aditya what Samaira told Sunaina. Aditya gets angry and goes to his room. He asks Samaira. Samaira tells him that Sunaina misunderstood her words and tells him that she will talk to Sunaina.

Samaira lies to Mohanto and Sunaina that Aditya is feeling guilty and shy. She tells him that she will mix medicines in his food. She tells Aditya that she has spoken to them. Aditya gets happy and tries to kiss her, but she avoids him. Aditya tells Samaira that Mohanto scheduled all the meetings for today. Samaira asks him to go. Employee comes and informs Aditya that Mohanto gave him signing authority and asks him to sign on some bills. Samaira stops Aditya from signing Aarya’s bills. Samaira mixes tablets in Madhu’s medicines to make her mad.

Samaira then tells Aarya that Aditya didn’t sign on her bills. Aarya gets angry and goes to office. Aarya tells Aditya that he couldn’t give rights to his wife and asks him to tell this to his employees. Aditya gets angry. Samaira comes and asks the employees not to believe on Aarya’s words. She then cheers up Aditya saying nothing can harm him until she is with him. Samaira gives food to Madhu. She opens the plate and gets shocked seeing so many cockroaches. She shouts and tells Mohanto about the cockroaches. Samaira tells her that she didn’t give her food yet. Madhu thinks it was her ploy.

Aditya slaps office employee thinking he is making joke of him. Mohanto gets call from office. Samaira thinks to make Aditya believe that he is impotent and decorates the room to execute the plan. Aditya gets a call from HR manager warning him not to repeat the mistake again.

Aditya reaches home and gets romantic with Samaira. He kisses her, but couldn’t get erection. He gets tensed and thinks something is wrong with him. Samaira goes from the room after accuses him for unable to satisfy her. She smirks. In the morning, she gives him coffee and apologizes to him for her behavior. She tells him that she was shattered to know that her husband is impotent. She asks him to take Mohanto’s herbal medicines.

Aditya takes an appointment with the doctor. Mohanto goes to give food to Madhu. Madhu gets happy. Samaira signs Madhu that food have cockroaches. Madhu reacts madly and refuses to have food. Aditya comes home and gives flowers to Samaira and tells I love you. He tells her that he took an appointment with the doctor. Samaira asks, what was the need and gets tensed. Samaira calls Neeraj and informs him that Aditya is going to consult the doctor. Neeraj tells her something. Samaira thanks him and gets happy.

Avinash and Sudha think to getting Mahi married and searches the alliance. Mohanto and Sunaina try to feed Madhu. She eats the food mixed with medicines. She wakes up and imagines cockroaches all around the bed. She shouts gathering everyone. She rushes to the terrace as she couldn’t believe anyone. She falls. but holds the wall. Aditya pulls her up. Madhu gets scared. Neeraj informs Mahi about her parents searching alliance for her. Mahi gets sad and recalls her boyfriend. She shares her feelings with Neeraj. Neeraj tells her that her boyfriend might be sad too like her.

Aditya and Samaira shocks Madhu with their romance. Samaira threatens to kill her and puts knife around her neck. Aditya stops her. She then tells Madhu that she will give death to both of them. Keep reading.