Sharda and Pallavi shocked and shattered to know that they shared the same vermillion in Sony’s Ek Nayi Pehchaan.

Last week, Sharda decides to fight for her rights and save her husband from Pallavi, unaware that Pallavi is his husband’s wife. She sends a gift to Pallavi. Pallavi gets happy seeing the patola saree and thinks to thanks Sharda. Pallavi calls on Sharda’s number, Suresh picks the call and cuts it immediately. Sharda comes and checks the misscall. She calls Pallavi. Pallavi thanks her asks about its price. Sharda replies that gifts are priceless just like relations. You liked it, this only is its price. Pallavi is touched by her words. Pallavi says, I am very lucky. Sharda fixes her meeting with her and decides to talk to Pallavi.

Next morning, Pallavi comes to meet Sharda at the cafe. Pallavi tells her that she has come to pay the price for her saree. Sharda says, you wont be able to pay its price.  Sharda says she has never taken any money for patola sarees from anyone till date, not even from Meeta. She says,she haven’t deposited her cheque in bank. Pallavi says, you have so much faith in marriage. Pallavi gets a call from Mahesh. He wants her to come right away. Pallavi and Sharda talk about marriage. Pallavi leaves. Sharda wonders how to talk about Suresh with Pallavi.

Sakshi serves food to Dadi. Dadi wonders where is Sharda? Sharda comes to pallavi’s house to meet her. The guard tells her that she is not at home and asks her to talk to her husband Mr. Ajmera. Sharda is shocked and tells the guard that he might be mistaken. The guard tells her that he knew them since long and shows their family pic. Sharda is stunned. Suresh leaves in his car.
Pallavi surprises Suresh by gifting him their wedding photo and reminiscences their hey days. Suresh asks her about Sharda indirectly.

Sharda thinks he changed his name to marry Pallavi and cries. She wonders why did he cheated her. Sharda comes home and goes angrily to her room. Sakshi wonder what happened to her. Sakshi tells Karan that Sharda reacted when she asked her. Karan tells her that something might be bothering her which she don’t want to share with her. He shares an idea with her to bring smile on Sharda’s face.

Suresh comes home and calls for Sharda. Sakshi calls Sharda. Sharda thinks he is acting normal and her life has come to an end. She is about to question him when everyone wish them happy anniversary. Suresh cuts the cake with her. Sakshi notices Sharda’s sadness. Suresh feeds cake to Sharda. Sharda cries. Suresh tells them that these are the tears of happiness. He says, I am her perfect husband and she is my perfect wife. Sharda looks at him shockingly.

Sakshi thinks, something very bad is happening and she is not able to share it with me. She gets an idea to make her happy. They plan their marriage. Latika tells Suresh and Sharda that they all want the couple to renew their wedding vows. We want you to marry once again. They are shocked. Suresh agrees for it which shocks Sharda. Sakshi invites Meeta for Suresh and Sharda’s wedding. Meeta calls Pallavi and invites her too.

Sharda thinks why he agreed to marry her again. Dadi talk about Sharda and Suresh wedding. Sharda gets tears in her eyes. Sakshi notices. Dadi gives clothes to Sharda. The girl puts mehendi on Sharda’s hands. Sharda thinks to stop the wedding. Her hands shivers. Suresh calls Pallavi and lies about a client dinner. She tells him that she went to her friend Sharda’s wedding. Suresh gets shocked. Pallavi comes there. Suresh calls her and complains of severe chest pain. Pallavi leaves in a hurry with Meeta.

Suresh and Sharda begin to take the rounds. Sharda stops after 3rd phera. Suresh asks her, if she wasn’t interested then why she agreed. He is about to put vermillion on her forehead, when Sharda pushes him. She tells everyone that he shared the vermillion with other woman. He married twice. She asks, what is his name, Suresh Modi or Mahesh Ajmera. Everyone are shocked. She tells them everything. Pallavi reaches home and calls Suresh. Karan sees the call and gets shocked. Karan asks for an answer from his dad.

Suresh tells them that he has given them everything. He tells that how could he spend his whole life with an illiterate woman who was no match for him? Sharda is hurt and shocked. He tells, I wont tolerate anyone’s interference in this. No one has a right to ask me. Latika questions him. Suresh replies that If I connected with someone else and share my thoughts / feelings then where am I wrong. Dadi slaps him and says she is ashamed of her upbringing today.

Suresh comes to Pallavi house and lies about going to his friend’s son ring ceremony. He tells then he got a chest pain and returned home. He gives her return tickets, but Pallavi replies that she will be with him. Sakshi talks with Sharda. She asks, why you didn’t share with me. Sharda tells her that your papa and Pallavi cheated me. Karan, Latika and Sakshi talk about Suresh’s doing. Sakshi makes them understand that Suresh did wrong with Sharda.

Dadi, Karan, Latika and Sakshi come to Sharda and hug her. Dadi tells her that Suresh didn’t do much for her than Sharda. Suresh tells Pallavi that he will come with her and asks her to go to the airport and he will join her. Pallavi asks the driver to take her to the Modi house before going back. Sharda cries and throws the ghar joda. Pallavi comes there and apologizes for not attending her wedding. She gives her gift. Sharda tells her that she has given her biggest gift of her life. Pallavi is stunned.

Sharda throws the gift shocking Pallavi. She asks, you married Suresh Modi even after knowing well that he is married? Pallavi tells her that her husband’s name is Mahesh Ajmera. Sharda laughs at her. She says, Suresh Modi and Mahesh Ajmera is one guy only. Pallavi is shocked. Keep reading.