Sony TV

Sony Entertainment Television or SET, is a Hindi-language based general entertainment television channel in India. It was launched in October 1995 and is owned by Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. (MSM, formerly SET India Private Limited), a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The network carried C.I.D. and Kaun Banega Crorepati.
MSM’s family of channels in India include: SAB TV, SET Max, Sony Aath, SET PIX, AXN, Animax and recently on September 1, 2011, they launched a 24 hour Hindi Music Channel Sony MIX, distributed by MSM Discovery Private Limited, a distribution joint venture between MSM and Discovery Communications India.As of September 1, 2011, the channel has changed its identity by changing its theme and Sony word being inscribed on top of logos of all its sister channels – SAB, SET, PIX, MIX, SIX and MAX.

Ram listens to his heart and asks Priya to return to him being his wife. Even though she is very happy, she gets worried about Pihu’s treatment towards her. Ram asks what matters to her? Priya says Ram matters to her but she is concerned about his family members. Ram assures her that everything will be fine. He orders his family to behave nicely with Priya else leave the house. He warns Pihu to respect her mom else she can go to Sammy’s house.

Rajveer and Nandini have been living seperately because of the misunderstanding which Rajveer had in his mind. He doubts Nandini’s character and thinks she is having an affair with Abhay. Nandini gets hurt and leave the house. Rajveer doesn’t stop her from leaving. Gayatri Devi is happy thinking that her plan is a success. She calls Abhay and informs her victory.

Pihu confronts Ram as she witnessed him with Priya. She bad mouths against her own mother and calls her witch. Priya is hurt to know about the hatred for her in Pihu’s heart. Ram consoles her and asks her not to mind Pihu’s words, but Priya can’t forget what she heard from Pihu.

Ram and Priya have been hiding the fact from Pihu that they are staying in the same hotel and on a official trip. When Pihu comes to meet Ram in his room, Ram asks Priya to hide so that Pihu doesn’t see her. Priya obliges. Pihu sees Ram and Priya in the cafeteria and gets annoyed.

Dhruv’s friend Ankita is trying to bridge a gap between Dhruv and Saanchi. She comes to Dhruv’s home with their common friends. She proposes them to play truth and dare game. Dhruv is asked by his friends to recognize his lady love by being blind folded. Dhruv identifies his Saanchi among all the girls. Ankita gets annoyed. She plans to insults Saanchi.

Interesting track is going on in Desh Ki Beti Nandini. Last week Nandini comes to know about Gayatri Devi behind the attacks on Rajveer. Nandini couldn’t believe that Gayatri Devi who has been pretending to safeguard her son from the attacks is actually the real culprit. Nandini determines to save her husband Rajveer from evil plans of Gayatri Devi. At the other hand, Rajveer is completely oblivious to his mom’s truth and blindly agrees to her every saying. He plans to confess his love to Nandini.

Recently Ram and Priya went on a official trip to Delhi. They think to sort out their differences but eventually end up fighting. They try their best to stay with each other and behave like a teenager. Their sweet arguments are a laughter dose. Ram’s best friend Vikram doesn’t know the reason behind Ram’s changed behavior. He gets curious to know about him. He comes to know about an employee in Ram’s office to whom Ram is getting attracted. Vikram is unaware that Priya is Ram’s employee. Vikram opines that Ram is having an affair in his office and shares his doubt with Priya

As per the current track, Ram and Priya are separated since 3 months because of Pihu. Their daughter Pihu loves Sammy who was in a relationship with Suhani. When Suhani (Priya’s doctor) gets to know about Pihu’s feelings for Sammy, she thinks to sacrifice her love for Priya and gets down in Sammy’s eyes. Suhani tells Sammy that she loves Khush and not him. Sammy gets heart broken. Sammy and Pihu gets engaged and just then Suhani comes to know about her pregnancy. When Priya insists her to tell about the baby’s father, Suhani breaks the news that Sammy is her unborn baby’s father. Priya supports Suhani and tells Ram that they can’t marry their daughter Pihu with Sammy. Ram and Priya fight with each other. Sammy tells them that the baby is not his but Khush. Pihu asks Ram to choose between her and Priya. Priya decides to leave Kapoor Mansion for Pihu’s happiness.

Saanchi’s loving grannies send the newly weds on a honeymoon to Goa. Dhruv gets the car decorated with flowers with just married board on the car’s backside. They reach the hotel and get introduced to the other newly weds Mannan and Prerna. Prerna misunderstands Saanchi to be Dhruv’s elder sister. Dhruv and Saanchi take it sportingly, Saanchi clears to Prerna that she is indeed Dhruv’s wife and they are newly weds just like them. Dhruv tells Mannan that he had a tough time wooing Saanchi. Saanchi tells Prerna that although she is elder than Dhruv but both of them love each other a lot. Prerna apologizes to Saanchi. Both of the newly weds mingle well and hang out together. Saanchi surprises Dhruv by wearing a modern outfit at the party. Dhruv likes it and compliments her. He states, I didn’t know your romantic side. Saanchi replies that the dress is a special honeymoon dress.

Shikha’s husband Sameer, aka Aditya Jagannath, calls Shikha and uses his sugar-coated talks to convince Shikha to come behind old Delhi’s railway station. He promises to bring their son Manav there. Shikha is happy hearing that and cannot believe what she heard. Sameer warns Shikha not to bring inspector Naik with her. Shikha happily agrees but informs Naik when he calls her. Shikha happily reaches the spot and is happy to see Sameer with Manav.