Sudhanshu Pandey on World Health Day: One of the habits that have made the biggest difference in my life is turning vegetarian

MUMBAI : We all know the importance of the saying ‘Health is wealth’. The unprecedented times of Covid only made us realise it all the more. World Health Day on April 7 not just creates awareness around global health, but also highlights topics/ailments that have been a point of concern. On the occasion, Anupama actor Sudhanshu Pandey talks about the practices that have worked wonders for him and helped him take care of his physical-mental-spiritual health. He shares tips as well as opines on how we all talk a lot about staying healthy but whether in reality we are doing something about it or not.

“I think one of the habits that have made the biggest difference in my life is turning vegetarian. This happened more than a decade and a half ago. So, I’ve been a vegetarian for a very major part of my life anyway,” he says.

About his exercise regime, he adds, “My ability to be able to exercise whenever I can, and a little bit of pranayam before I sleep and once I wake up do wonders. I liked all these healthy practices because they have helped my system, my gut health and mental health, and overall, the whole physical existence becomes so much better by doing these very basic things in life.”

The actor then shares tips to those who need guidance to start a healthy lifestyle. “To take care of your health, I think the two most important keys are obviously eating the right food or the right amount of food and at the right time. Second is getting good sleep, which is absolutely imperative if you want to be healthy,” he explains.

Sudhanshu says that it has become more like a fashion to talk about health and healthy habits and exercising and all of that.

He shares, “A lot of people talk about such things on a regular basis, but there are very few I believe who practice it to the T or practice the whole regime with absolute honesty. I guess we just need internal discipline or mental discipline to be able to execute that. And so yes, it all begins in the head. If we become a little more disciplined, we can definitely lead a healthy lifestyle.”

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