Vikram takes baby home, Khush and Pihu resolves their differences and gets the baby in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain.

In Bade Achhe Lagte Hain, Khush takes baby to his office. He attends the baby during the meeting once she starts crying. Priya gets tensed as Khush didn’t come back from the hospital. Khush changes baby’s diaper. Vikram suggest him to use tissue paper to clean her before changing the diaper. Baby sleeps. Khush thanks him for sharing his experience with him. Pihu comes to Khush and asks him to give baby to her. Khush refuses.

Pihu talks to Vikram about Khush and Pihu’s possessiveness towards the baby. She tells them that they have been careless and forgot to feed her medicines. Vikram thinks to talk to them. Vikram comes with the lawyer to Kapoor Mansion and gives court orders to Priya stating he has the rights on baby as she is Sammy’s daughter. Pihu and Khush tell that they have the right on the baby. Vikram doesn’t listen and takes the baby. Khush begs him not to take baby as he cannot live without her. Vikram says, he gave baby to take care, but they started fighting for her. Khush cries.

Pihu requests Priya to stop Vikram taking baby with him. Priya says, she is feeling guilty for letting the baby with her. She says she wished you and Khush would have tried to love the baby instead of fighting for it, she cannot help now. Priya sees Mamaji taking pics in his mobile. She questions him. Mamaji lies to her saying his girlfriend wants to know about his family members and that’s why he is clicking the pics. Vikram takes baby home and tells cady that he brought baby home so that Pihu and Khush sort out their differences.

On the other hand, Pihu and Khush cry thinking about the baby and miss her badly. Priya asks Pihu to have food, Pihu refuses. She says, she is missing the baby. Priya asks her to rectify her mistake. Vikram shows baby to Sammy’s photo and talks to him about baby being cute and looks like him. He promises to do the good upbringing of his baby. Khush and Pihu continues to fight. Khush and Pihu argues with Priya saying she always supports the other. Priya gets mad at their thinking. Khush blames her for taking Pihu’s side and Pihu blames her for taking Khush’s side. Priya gets tensed.

Khush comes to Shergill house and requests Vikram to give the baby to him as he was about to get married to Suhani and took care of her during her pregnancy. Vikram refuses saying this baby is Sammy and Suhani’s child and you didn’t marry Suhani. Priya talks to Natasha about Pihu and khush’s fight over baby. Natasha asks her to speak to them once. Pihu and Khush fight again as Khush returned home without baby. Priya comes there and says for a mother, all kids are equal. She asks them to understand that they both don’t love baby, but just want to get it for their ego.

She says they both don’t deserve baby and asks them to patch up. Pihu gets angry while Khush understands her point and thinks to talk to Pihu. Khush talks to Pihu. He says Vikram will not give baby if we go separately, so we should go together. Pihu asks him not to fight again if the baby comes back. Khush agrees. They end their fight. Pihu and Khush meet Vikram and request him to give back the baby to them. Vikram asks if they will fight again after going back. Khush says they will not and will promise to take care of baby and not fight again.

Priya says, she made this drama with Vikram to stop them from fighting. She says, she thought of making them realize the true meaning of parent’s love, so she made this plan with Vikram. Khush and Pihu thank Vikram and Priya. Priya talks to Ram on phone and asks him to come back soon. She tells him of the surprise. Natasha praises Priya for her plan. Priya says she was worried how Pihu and Khush would react, but she is glad her plan worked out.

Mamaji talks to someone saying he is working on their work. Priya sees Pihu playing with the baby. She gets happy. Pihu says she is lucky to have both her and Ram as her role model. Priya catches Mamaji going Secretly outside. He tells him that he thought to take his girlfriend out as the weather is good. Priya thinks he is for sure conspiring something. Myra takes opinion from Priya about wearing clothes in office. Priya informs Sid about Mamaji’s stint with a girl. Sid says Mamaji said same to him. She suggests to keep an eye on mamaji. Mamaji comes to Juhi and Rajeev’s house and gives them blank cheques. Rajeev asks him to steal one more thing from Ram’s office, then his work is done. Juhi and Rajeev smirk. Keep reading.