Zeenat scares Arzoo while being in coma state in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Sahir gets a call from US hospital, informing him about the attack on Zeenat. Sahir decides to bring Zeenat back to India and informs Alvira. Arzoo gets shocked. Kurti Apa gets happy. Arzoo goes to her room and thinks why she is getting sad when her marriage is a business deal and has no place for love. She wonders about Zeenat and her relation with Sahir. Sahir comes. Arzoo asks him, did Zeenat knows about their marriage etc? Sahir says no. Arzoo congrats him on Zeenat’s return. They hear Alvira’s shout and go out. They see Rubina lying in a pool of blood and is dead. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for the inauspicious happenings in the house. Sahir reminds Kurti Apa that Arzoo is his wife and asks her to think before saying anything. Arzoo gets touched. Arzoo feels bad for the servant. Alvira says it is a conspiracy by someone against us.
Kurti Apa calls Zaki and asks him to return home for the sake of family’s safety. She tells him everything. Zaki agrees. Sahir comes to Rahman Saheb and informs him about his marriage with Arzoo. Rahman says Samaira will not marry Zaki now nor will this deal happen. He gets worrried for his daughter’s life because of the murder of Rubina in Sahir’s house. Rahman saheb asks him to find out about the person behind the conspiracy.
Zaki comes back home and greets Alvira. She gets emotional seeing him. Zaki meets Arzoo and about her. She says she is fine and says don’t know whom to believe. Zaki says the troubles have to face me first before reaching you and promises to be with friend always. Nausheen gets worried thinking about Rubina’s death and prays for Arzoo’s safety. Kurti Apa asks her to go back to Lucknow. Police Inspector comes and introduces himself as ACP Vikram Singh Rathore. He suspects Kurti Apa. She says there is some soul or reflection in this house. Vikram says postmortem report of Rubina says that she was pregnant. Everyone get shocked. He says someone killed her to hide her pregnancy. Sahir gets shocked. Vikram asks him to co-operate with him.
Zaki goes to bring Zeenat home. Vikram asks everyone to give the info about the murder. Kurti Apa says it is because of the sky blue suit. Vikram gets surprised. Arzoo says I don’t believe on this. Vikram asks her to go and wear the suit. Zaki is on the way back home with Zeenat in the ambulance. The ambulance stops on the way. The ward boys get down and clear the road. Someone makes the nurse and Zaki unconscious. They find Zeenat missing. Zaki informs Sahir. Arzoo gets scared and screams when someone attacks her. Everyone rush to her and break the door. Arzoo tells that someone tried to kill her and pressed her neck.
Vikram checks the window and says nobody came here as we were sitting outside. Arzoo asks him to believe her. Alvira says everyone is yours, who will do that. Kurti Apa says it is not human’s doing, but of a ghost. Vikram sees marks on Arzoo’s neck. Alvira scolds Vikram for asking Arzoo to wear sky blue dress and then blaming her for the attack. Sahir comes to the place. Zaki tells everything. Alvira comes to her room and reads the message ‘no one will be left’ on the mirror. Alvira tells her son that they are on the target. Sahir says nothing will happen to us, nor Zeenat. Zaki tells that Zeenat is missing. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo. Vikram doubts on Sahir, Alvira and Zaki. Sahir gets anrgy and holds his collar.
Vikram asks Sahir to be happy as he came to find first wife and safe second wife. He says Zeenat is missing and Police will find her. Sahir asks Arzoo about the attack on her. Arzoo asks him not to worry. Sahir sees marks on her neck and brings ointment. He asks her to apply it. Arzoo tells everything and asks him to trust her. Sahir says I believe you and I will find him.
Sahir gets a call and informs her that Police got a dead body and thinks it to be of Zeenat. She sees someone sleeping on the bed and sees her face. She gets shocked. Zeenat holds her hand when Arzoo tries to go. Arzoo shouts. Arzoo asks her to leave her hand and manages to escape. She brings Sahir to the room. Sahir is shocked to see Zeenat. Everyone is shocked. Kurti Apa gets happy. She asks her to open eyes and come out of coma. Sahir tells Arzoo that she is Zeenat, but who brought her here. She is in coma. Arzoo tells them that she hold her hand. Sahir calls Doctor.
Doctor checks Zeenat and says she is still in coma. She can’t even move her finger. Arzoo says she hold my hand and keeps repeating it. Sahir looks at her state. Vikram comes and wonders about Zeenat’s arrival at home. Kurti Apa tells about the attack on Zeenat in America. She blames Arzoo and says someone attacked Zeenat on the day of Sahir-Arzoo’s wedding. Vikram gets thinking. An old servant of the house comes to Arzoo and asks her not to trust anyone especially Kurti Apa. Sahir talks to Dr. Khurana and says he needs a doctor to attend Zeenat 24/7. Arzoo thinks Zeenat is in coma since 7 years, but hold my hand and no one is believing me. Zeenat opens her eyes and smiles looking at Arzoo. She gets shocked and runs out of her room.
She collides with Sahir and hugs him. She tells him about Zeenat opening her eyes and smiling. Sahir says she can move her eyes, but she can’t hold anyone’s hand. He asks her to accept Zeenat as she is his life’s truth. Arzoo looks at him. Kurti Apa comes and scolds Arzoo asking her to shift to some other room. Sahir stops Arzoo and says she will stay here as she has the right to stay here. He says Zeenat will stay in guest room as she needs special medical attention. Kurti Apa gets irked.Arzoo thinks she will make him believe her. She promises to expose Zeenat infront of Sahir. Sahir comes to Nausheen and requests her to keep the house papers. Nausheen agrees. Sahir writes poetry with his blood. He thinks Zeenat is back and he still couldn’t fulfill the promise made to her. He feels bad for Arzoo as she is trapped in his life’s conspiracies. Arzoo wakes up and stops him from hurting his finger. Sahir looks on surprisingly. Keep reading.